Supreme Court Won’t Rehear Obama’s Amnesty, but ‘It Ain’t over ‘til the Alien Wins’

Give credit to Michelle Malkin for the all-too-true immigration axiom cited in the headline. Malkin coined the phrase more than 15 years ago in her book, Invasion.

Calif. No. 1 for Immigration Case Backlog

A favored deception of immigration advocates is that America needs to “fix its broken immigration system.” The phrase is repeatedly used by pro-immigration politicians and lobbyists, and is widely understood to mean not that the system is broken because immigration laws haven’t been upheld for 30 years, but rather that amnesty for 12 million aliens is the only conceivable fix.

If your sword is too short, add to its length by taking one step forward... toward amnesty

Fernando Castillo-Solis, an illegal alien living in Georgia for more than ten years has a case before the Georgia Supreme Court that challenges a state law which requires driver's licenses. Castillo-Solis and his legal team contend that requiring driver's licenses discriminates against illegal aliens and encourages racial profiling.

What have you lost because of illegal immigration?

If you were to ask Billy and Cathy Inman about illegal immigration over 11 years ago, they may not have much of an opinion.  If you ask them now, you will receive an alarmingly different answer for a heartbreaking reason.  Their answer changed after their son, Dustin Inman, was killed when an illegal alien driver with a North Carolina driver's license ran into the back of their van at 70 miles per hour as their car waited at a red light.  The Inman family has paid the ultimate price.

Busy, Scary Week Ahead on Capitol Hill: Immigration on Center Stage

Immigration, always a hot button, takes center stage this week.