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House Considers Important Immigration Legislation, H.R.2431, Davis-Oliver Act

The centerpiece of President Trump’s successful campaign for the Presidency was the need to secure America’s borders and effectively and fairly enforce our immigration laws from within the interior of the United States.

That message certainly resonated with many American voters.

Annually, failures of the immigration system cost American lives. Many more are assaulted and seriously injured.

CAPS Launches Key Ad Campaign against California’s Sanctuary State Legislation

With a vote in the California Assembly coming soon on SB 54, sanctuary state legislation that would according to its author Senate President Kevin de León “freeze out” Immigration and Customs Enforcement from public schools, hospitals, court houses and other well-traveled venues, Californians for Population Stabilization has launched an ad campaign that aims to emphasize its dangers, and ensure its defeat.

Multiple Enforcement Failures Lead to Senseless Slaughter of Engaged Boston Doctors

In Boston, a horrific, preventable crime occurred not because of the city’s sanctuary status, but because an immigration lawyer, the district attorney’s office, a municipal judge and disinterested FBI agents unwittingly conspired to keep a deportable green card holder in town.

Crude, Insensitive Pro-Immigration Lobbyist Calls VOICE ‘Disgusting and Dangerous’

While President Donald Trump’s base evaluates his immigration accomplishments and his failures during his first 100 days, one victory is clear cut. When the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) office announced its opening in late April, it fulfilled one of President Trump’s most frequently made campaign promises.

Trump Announces VOICE, a New DHS Office for American Victims of Illegal Immigrant Crime

One of the most compelling moments during President Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress came when he announced that the Department of Homeland Security would form a new national office to assist the American victims of immigrant crime.

Lessons (Hopefully Learned) from the Oroville Dam Disaster

For decades, the California Legislature’s priorities have been horribly misguided. Year after year, Sacramento has passed legislation that encourages more illegal immigration even though schools, roads and some hospitals are crumbling. Entitlements that provide driver’s licenses, health care and education to a never-ending immigration wave cost California taxpayers billions of dollars.

‘Rogue’ ICE Agents Protecting Americans

Publicity hound Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and the Hispanic Congressional Congress are in freefall about the recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids that netted about 700 deportable criminal aliens.

‘Family Man,’ Illegal Alien Martinez-Maldonado Rapes 13-Year-Old Girl

For all of the 30 years that I’ve been following immigration, the argument against building a wall or a fence on the Southwest border has been the same. If a ten-foot fence is built, sales of 11-foot fences will soar.

UCLA Students Savage Mother Whose Son was Killed by an Illegal Alien

Sabine Durden with her son, Dominic, killed

DHS Provided Citizenship to Hundreds of Illegal Aliens From ‘Special Interest’ Countries

"Special Interest Countries"