Immigration Spot Delivered Best Part of GOP Presidential Candidate Debate

GOP Presidental Debate Reagan Library Sep 2015

Important and obvious question on immigration omitted

Debate III: Garbage Time for the Uninformed; Lies about U.S. Education, No Mention of Meddling Mexico

Post Debate III, analysts repeatedly commented that Monday night gave “undecided voters” one last chance to evaluate President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney. I disagree. Obama and Romney used the third debate as a platform for an all out effort to appeal to “uninformed” voters. Anyone with a modicum of understanding of domestic or foreign affairs spent the entire 90 minutes doubled over in laughter.

Debate II: Lots of Talk about Jobs, Immigration but Not a Word about Immigration’s Impact on Jobs

I’ve been searching for the right word to describe President Obama’s set in stone policy to give work permits to an average 75,000 legal immigrants each month and, at the same time, undertake a personal campaign to give legal status and still more work permits to as many as 1.8 million aliens. Each of those newly minted immigrant workers compete in the job market with unemployed and/or underemployed Americans.

The word I’ve chosen is “cruel.”

In Arizona, (Some) Republicans Reaffirm Commitment to Immigration Enforcement

Given that last night’s Republican Party debate was held in Arizona, America’s hottest immigration flashpoint, the results were pretty tame. Maybe the debate proved that when the subject is immigration, candidates tread cautiously. Or perhaps despite months of high unemployment, politicians still don’t understand the adverse relationship between American job loss and over-immigration.

Status Quo Unchanged after Tuesday’s Las Vegas Debate

The eighth of 13 debates (and the fifth in the last six weeks) is over. On the whole, it was slightly livelier than the preceding ones but with no super surprises.

GOP Hopefuls Debate; Immigration Key Topic

Take it from me who has been in the patriotic immigration reform fight since the first salvo was fired, our cause has finally moved into the political limelight.

Twenty-five years ago, when I made my original donation to CAPS and very shortly thereafter when I became its Media Director, I could hardly find anyone outside of our office to acknowledge that immigration had the potential to overwhelm California.

Debating Immigration

The candidates for the Republican nomination for the Presidential election are “out there” appearing at the debates, making their speeches and trying to appeal to the voters and, perhaps even more importantly from their perspective, to attract campaign contributors.

Social Security has been, for years, referred to as the “third rail.”  Conventional wisdom was that anyone who touched upon that subject would get electrocuted.  Today, however, there is an even more potent third rail—immigration.