deferred action for childhood arrivals

Obama Gives Up on Amnesty – or Does He?

Just a few days after Donald Trump’s victory, Justice Department lawyers and lawyers from the 26 states that brought the law suit which challenged DACA and DAPA agreed to defer further litigation on Obama’s amnesty programs to the incoming administration.

New Census Bureau Stats Show California Resettled Most Immigrants since Obama’s Inauguration

As might be expected, overpopulated California has received the most migrants since 2010, 538,000. During 2014 alone, 1.6 million legal and illegal immigrants came to the United States, a 40 percent average annual increase since President Obama took office.

DACA Turns Four

DACA’s ‘Future Eligible Children’
anticipate their work permits.

Taxpayers Foot Big Bill for Alien Children’s Petting Zoo Trips, Guitar Lessons

With the Capitol Hill hullabaloo about President Obama’s executive order suspending deportations for about 5 million aliens, last summer’s Central American invasion has suddenly become a distant memory. That’s the way it is on the immigration beat. Before Americans can cool down from the last immigration law abuse, another injustice soon comes along to replace it.

Illegal Alien Kiddie Colonists Invited by Obama Administration

Would you send your ten-year-old child to travel unaccompanied 1,000 miles from Guatemala to the United States – riding on top of gang-infested trains? It’s quite commonplace south of the border. So much for “immigrant family values.”

While College Grads Settle for Less in Dismal Job Market, Amnesty Talks Continue

Watching the NCAA March Madness basketball games this weekend, one commercial caught my eye and reminded me of the dire jobs picture for young Americans.

The Enterprise Rent-a-Car Company featured wholesome, recent college graduates who happily touted their employers’ advantages. Two had diplomas from the University of Southern California and Southern Methodist University, private, elite institutions.