Facing Huge Deficit, Gov. Brown Declares Cuts Essential …

… but only in programs that help California’s vanishing citizen middle-class

California’s Middle Class Scholarship program (MCS) is on Governor Jerry Brown’s chopping block. Intended to pay for up to 40 percent of UC and Cal State students’ tuition fees, assuming their families’ incomes and assets, minus home values and retirement accounts, don’t exceed $156,000.

The Fall of San Bernardino: Over Population and Unchecked Immigration Seal its Fate

In the 1930s, San Bernardino was a prime winter vacation destination for Hollywood movie stars seeking to get away from what they considered to be chilly Los Angeles weather. Just as winter ended, two major league baseball franchises, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the St. Louis Browns held their spring training camps in Berdo, as its many admirers lovingly called the Inland Empire city.

California's Compassion

Playing host to 23% of the illegal alien population is such a compassionate act.  The states of Arizona, Georgia, Alabama and others could stand to learn a lesson from the caring taxpayers of California.  What other state with a $13B deficit could find it in its heart to reward illegal aliens with "free" healthcare, college scholarships, authorization to flout immigration laws and jobs to boot?