Department of Justice

Naturalized security threats retain U.S. citizenship

United States citizenship represents the greatest honor our nation can grant an alien.  It also represents the “Keys to the kingdom” inasmuch as unlike many other countries, the United States makes no distinction between naturalized citizens and citizens who acquire their citizenship through birth. U.S. naturalized citizens have held government leadership positions including governors, judges, congressmen and high-ranking members of the armed forces.

The DOJ Strikes Again! Sues California Hospital for Immigration "Bias"

Every day in the ongoing battle for a sensible federal immigration policy, a story pops up that leaves you shaking your head. Today, this item comes out of San Diego.

Alabama AG Defies Overbearing DOJ; Sessions to Support States on Immigration Enforcement

Last week, the Department of Justice sent a forceful letter to Alabama school districts reminding them that under Plyler v. Doe a state may not deny any child equal access to public education based on his or her immigration status. The letter, signed by Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez, included a ten-point list of demands for enrollment information that must be submitted by November 14 and updated monthly.