Playing with the Math: If Everything Goes Wrong, 6-8 Million Aliens Could Get Administrative Amnesty

As frightening as the Obama prosecutorial discretion policy is as it’s currently defined, what’s scarier is how it could ultimately end up. According to administration insiders, a total of 300,000 aliens have been identified as likely targets to be taken out of deportation proceedings. But unofficially, the number could be much higher.


According to the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the term Lockout is defined as: the withholding of employment by an employer and the whole or partial closing of the business establishment in order to gain concessions from or resist demands of employees

Today, many American workers are being locked out of their jobs.  The companies that fire them or refuse to hire them are not doing without workers; these companies take these actions because they have a readily available source of workers, workers who can be imported from overseas!

Administrative Amnesty Marches On; Where Is the Outcry?

On Friday, the Los Angeles Times reported that the administrative amnesty long in the works is set to begin on December 4 in Baltimore and Denver. That news is bad enough; the story also suggests that the program could be expanded in January. [Obama Administration Showing Leniency in Immigration Cases, by Brian Bennett, Los Angeles Times, November 18, 2011]

At Last! House Judiciary Committee Subpoenas DHS

As proof that sometimes good things eventually come to patient patriotic Americans, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith issued a subpoena late Friday to the Department of Homeland Security. Smith is demanding that Secretary Janet Napolitano surrender all her records regarding the Obama administration and DHS’s prosecutorial discretion policy that will drop thousands of aliens from deportation proceedings.

Napolitano Announces Backdoor Amnesty Will Begin "In Weeks"

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano officially kicked off the administration’s amnesty/deferred action plan she originally announced in August. With President Obama’s approval, Napolitano will drop "some" pending deportation within the next few weeks at selected sites nationwide.

Compliments of DHS, More "Temporary" Residents Have Their Visits Extended

Not that more proof is needed but here’s another example of the immigration truism that nothing is more permanent than a "temporary" resident. Last week, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano extended the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designation for Sudan and the new Republic of South Sudan for 18 months each, effective November 3 and valid through May 2, 2013.

DHS Announces Its Ability to Track and Deport Visa Overstayers; Start Doing It!

As many as 1 in 3 illegal residents arrive in the United State legally and overstay their visas. The entire spectrum of visas issued is subject to constant abuse. Given that millions are handed out annually, that’s a big problem. Once visa holders overstay, they become aliens. But that doesn’t keep them from blending into society, taking jobs, enrolling their children in school and increasing an already too large population.

Immigration and Reconfiguring the U.S. Military

Maria FotopoulosOn a recent trip to Oklahoma, my travel route put me on the road bordering the east side of Tinker Air Force Base, a road I’d not traveled for several years.

Amnesty Rears Its Ugly Head, Yet Again

Once again the administration is gearing up for another attempt at ramming amnesty through the legislative process.  Of course the duplicitous politicians, who favor this legislative betrayal of the American citizens and the countless millions of lawful immigrants and their descenda

The Myth of the Border Fence

There is a myth that the immigration crisis can be solved by building a fence.  I recall that a couple of years ago, when I appeared on a national news oriented program to debate one of the many challenges created by the failings of the immigration system, the host of the show dismi