Join the Population Discussion in October!

I think the overpopulation issue may be gaining some momentum!

Here are a few happenings that you can participate in this month – or, to the first item below, at least support in spirit (the deadline to participate in the actual event has passed … yes, I’m sure many of you will be sad to hear that):

Bad News for Girls in Overpopulated India, China

A daughter is a burden on her father’s head.

                                                             – common Hindi saying

The Population Discussion Continues

“Men in Nigeria want nine children; their wives want seven.”

Kudos to L.A. Times reporter Ken Weiss for continuing the dialogue about the “causes and consequences of population growth.”

It Ain't Easy Finding Truth

Prior to Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) running for a U.S. Senate seat, and during the initial TARP period when she was getting much attention for speaking directly about what brought about the financial meltdown and what needed to be addressed in terms of accountability and transparency, I became a fan.

They Come to America

“They Come to America” is a new documentary from New York filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch, who has taken particular care to examine the illegal immigration issue in a very balanced manner. I know many films get labeled as “must see,” but this one really is a must see for its thoroughness in exploring the issue and its sensitivity to never losing sight of the human costs.

‘Mother – Caring for 7 Billion’ Brings Humanity to Biggest Challenge

“Population growth and human consumption are the major factors in our ongoing environmental crisis.”
– “Mother”

The teaming wreckage of humanity: immigration’s ultimate path

Part 5: Six of the most important videos on immigration consequences

One reader said, “As far as stopping immigration into the United States, you’re wasting your time.  The American people are too stupid to save themselves and their leaders are too greedy.”

'It’s All Boiling Down to Too Many People' – GrowthBusters Review

“I think sustainability is a bicycle with two wheels – No. 1 would be stabilizing population and second is reducing consumption.”

– Dick Lamm, former governor of Colorado

“If you manage, somehow, to half each person’s consumption, on average, but you allow population size to double, you haven’t gained at all, because, if you have half as much consumption per person, but twice as many persons, you’re right where you started.”

Addicted to Growth

Documentary filmmaker Dave Gardner’s Growthbusters is a provocative look at our pattern of growth worship. It’s designed to be a wakeup call and raise awareness of the cultural programming that we’re all subject to that keeps us locked in a relentless pursuit of growth. He talked with me about his six-year journey in making the film, scheduled to be released in late October.

Southern Exposure documentary "exposes" U.S. border inconsistencies

Two words used most often to describe the U.S. illegal immigration problem are divisive and political. However a new documentary, Southern Exposure, provides a balanced look at what’s happening at the U.S./Mexican border and sheds light on America’s porous southern border. If you want a bird’s eye view of the tale of two countries and their respective border problems, this two-hour documentary provides the good, the bad and the ugly issues that ranchers, law enforcement and lawmakers contend with on a daily basis.