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CAPS Launches Key Ad Campaign against California’s Sanctuary State Legislation

With a vote in the California Assembly coming soon on SB 54, sanctuary state legislation that would according to its author Senate President Kevin de León “freeze out” Immigration and Customs Enforcement from public schools, hospitals, court houses and other well-traveled venues, Californians for Population Stabilization has launched an ad campaign that aims to emphasize its dangers, and ensure its defeat.

Oregon Illegal Immigrants Angry over Driver’s License Defeat, File Lawsuit Claiming ‘Racism’

One of patriotic immigration reform’s greatest triumphs came in November 2014 when Oregon’s deep blue voters defeated Measure 88 which proposed to give state identification cards in the form of driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

Illegal Aliens Flood California DMV

In October 2013, California encouraged illegal aliens to stay in the state and take advantage of its services by passing a law allowing them to obtain state driver’s licenses. This move seemed to conflict with the federal immigration law passed in 1996 that prohibited localities and states from offering a haven to illegal aliens.

MEDIA WATCH News Report Focuses on How Illegal Aliens Were Offended by Signs Supporting Legislation to End Driver’s Licenses for Lawbreakers

Legislation pending in Georgia (Senate Bill 6) would end the practice of giving driver’s licenses to DACA illegal aliens. A March 18, 2015, WSB TV News Atlanta report focused on how signs in support of this legislation offended illegal aliens and their lobbyists.

Vermont Wakes Up to Fraudulently Obtained State-Issued Driver’s Privilege Cards; When Will California?

The 19 terrorists complicit in the 9/11 murderous attacks on America held a total of 30 state-issued driver’s licenses which they used for identification to enroll in flight schools, rent apartments, open bank accounts and board airliners.

Why were the protestors so upset at what these people were called but have never shown any concern for what they have done?

To read the story this letter inspired in the Santa Barbara News-Press, please click here.

Dear Mayor Pro Tempore Murillo:

The incident with the Santa Barbara News-Press recent headline, “Illegals Line Up for Driver’s Licenses,” is very disturbing on many levels. Your comments are disturbing as well.

California’s Illegal Immigrants Struggle to Pass DMV Test

California welcomed in 2015 by rewarding illegal immigrants with the opportunity to apply for driver’s licenses, the latest in a long list of privileges given to aliens that were formerly reserved for citizens and legal immigrants.

A Letter to President Obama

The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

How Driver’s Licenses for Illegal Immigrants Led to Gray Davis’ Recall

Ten years ago, California voters recalled Governor Gray Davis. On October 7, election day, Arnold Schwarzenegger recorded a landslide victory over the incumbent.

Illegal Immigrants on the Verge of Entitlement Trifecta: Goodbye Deportation, Hello Driver and Law Licenses

As a journalist with more than 20 years experience covering California and its nonstop immigration crisis, I always wonder what outrage will be next. Earlier this month, I wrote about the Trust Act, legislation designed to deport from California the fewest possible number of illegal immigrants. Right after the State Assembly passed the Trust Act, it also approved AB 60, a bill that would give aliens the right to obtain driver’s licenses.