Bad Bureau of Labor Statistics September Report---Minus 33,000 Jobs

Hurricanes Irma, one of three storms blamed for weak September jobs report.

Congress Debates Four Amnesties, but No E-Verify Progress

Amnesties (four!) mean more population growth,
fewer American jobs.
Congressional amnesty discussions have Californians on edge. Once amnesty banter picks up on Capitol Hill, border crossings surge, and overpopulated California is a popular migrant destination.

Let’s Make a Deal: Congress Wants DACA Amnesty, Americans Want E-Verify, RAISE Act

Let's Make a Deal
Trump can’t come away from DACA amnesty empty handed,
needs E-Verify, RAISE Act in exchange.

Trump Pushing E-Verify, Would Cut off Jobs Magnet for Illegal Immigrants

Mandatory E-Verify Essential to Protect American Workers 

Verify First Act Passes House, Could Pave Way for Mandatory E-Verify

DHS Officers seizing evidence
DHS officers seize evidence from suspected illegal immigrant employer.

E-Verify Back on the Table, a Must-Pass Bill to Help American Workers and Deter Illegal Immigration

Many among President Donald Trump’s supporters wonder why he spends so little time on less challenging, less controversial immigration goals. An example is E-Verify, the free and easy online program that confirms whether an employee is legally authorized to work in the United States. With an estimated 8 million illegal aliens in the labor market sector, mandatory E-Verify would free up most of those jobs for Americans.

Trump Hits the Ground Running with Direct Action on Immigration

Speaking from the Oval Office in his first weekly radio address broadcast January 28, President Donald J. Trump said, “This administration has hit the ground running at a record pace…. We’re doing it with speed and we’re doing it with intelligence … on behalf of the American people.”

CAPS Releases Ads in Support of Jobs for American Workers

Trump Has Opportunity to Move Quickly on E-Verify

If Trump Wants to Help Working Americans, E-Verify is his Answer

If President Donald Trump wants to get his administration off to a flying start, he should make good on his promise to restore American jobs. In June 2015, when he announced his presidential candidacy, Trump said: “I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created. I tell you that.”

DOJ Wrist Slaps Employers that Hire Illegal Immigrants

Effective August 1, the Department of Justice will raise the penalties it imposes on employers who hire illegal immigrants from a minimum $375 to $539, while the maximum fine will increase from $3,200 to $4,313.