In October, Population Increases Outpaced Job Creation

President-elect Donald Trump’s repeated promises to create jobs, and bring unemployed and under-employed Americans back into the fold resonated strongly with disenfranchised voters, and helped put him in the White House.

Good June Bureau of Labor Statistics Report – Except for the Fine Print

At first blush, the June Bureau of Labor Statistics report looked decent. Last month, the economy created 287,000 jobs. But analysts’ excitement over the higher-than-anticipated total vanished immediately when the May jobs figure was revised downward from an already low 38,000 to a microscopic 11,000. The two month May-June average is a humdrum 150,000, below the 2014 and 2015 levels.

On Tax Day, IRS Commissioner Insults Unemployed American Workers

If there’s one thing a journalist on the immigration beat should never say it’s: “I’ve seen it all.” The very next day, as surely as the sun will set in the west, something more outrageous, more incomprehensible and more destructive to the national fabric will top it.

The Myth of Sustainable Growth

You hear about “sustainable growth” at city council meetings all over America. You hear how community leaders hire developers to create romantic housing tracts that attract the very best of homeowners. You see graphic plans for growth in city after city in America.

Apparently in Some Parallel Universe L.A. Air is Too Clean, California’s Coast Too Undeveloped

Recent staff firings by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and the California Coastal Commission (CCC) suggest that the never-ending battles in an ever more crowded state to improve the L.A. basin’s unhealthy air quality and to preserve California’s remaining undeveloped coast have entered ominous new phases.

Calif. Wall of Debt Comes Tumbling Down

Reality Check: California is drowning in debt.

Israel Worries about the Long-Term; U.S., Not so Much

Once again, Israel is showing that it has its citizens’ best interests at heart, and is willing to take action to prove it, while the U.S. Congress, so it would seem, has never heard of long-term, at least as it applies to border security and worker protection.

November BLS: Another Ho-Hummer

The November Bureau of Labor Statistics report is the latest in a seemingly never-ending series of ho-hummers that included some marginally good news, but with plenty of bad mixed in.

A 20-Year Personal Perspective on Immigration in California

My first involvement in the illegal and legal immigration battle began in 1993 when I served as Chairman of the Santa Barbara County Private Industry Council. We helped job seekers through a county department which operated under federal law related to workforce development.

Morgan Stanley's Head of Emerging Markets Doesn’t Understand Numbers, Reality

The Wall Street Journal just can’t get enough of the ‘birth dearth’
…Or of immigrants…or of denouncing ‘anti-immigrant hysteria’