More Analysis on Cantor Getting the Boot

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) lost his seat in Congress on June 10, 2014, to economics professor Dave Brat. This is the first time since 1899 that a sitting House majority leader has been ousted. It is a monumental event.

The truth about Hispanics casting their votes for Republicans

It isn’t likely and a repeat of the 1986 amnesty for illegal aliens won’t change that reality – a short lesson in history

The latest statement of intent from Republican leadership in Washington regarding another amnesty for the 12-20 million illegal aliens currently living -and taking jobs, benefits and services - in the U.S. is being sold as a way to harvest the Hispanic vote.

Apparently, panicked leaders in the GOP are attempting to prove "those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Again.

The Ins & Outs of Immigration and Labor

During the campaign for the Presidency the issue of outsourcing of American jobs became an issue for debate with President Obama accusing Governor Mitt Romney of outsourcing jobs.

What was not noted in that debate or in campaign ads of other political candidates who were quick to decry the outsourcing of American jobs was that while the outsourcing of jobs was contributing to the extraordinarily high unemployment rates in the United States, the importation of foreign labor into the United States was also taking its toll on the plight of American workers.

In Arizona, Nevada and Texas, Enforcement Candidates Prevail despite Large Hispanic Populations

As I predicted in my blog yesterday, the relentless hype about an Obama amnesty that would “reward” Hispanic voters is off and running. Given what we know about the mainstream media’s liberal, pro-immigration, anti-enforcement bias and its flat out refusal to do its professional job of analyzing the facts and reporting fairly, any child could have made the same prediction.

Election Night: Picking up the Pieces and Looking Ahead

Brace yourself. In the next few weeks, possibly even months, you’ll be hearing endlessly about the Hispanic vote and how it was critical to President Obama’s overwhelming re-election.

Debate III: Garbage Time for the Uninformed; Lies about U.S. Education, No Mention of Meddling Mexico

Post Debate III, analysts repeatedly commented that Monday night gave “undecided voters” one last chance to evaluate President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney. I disagree. Obama and Romney used the third debate as a platform for an all out effort to appeal to “uninformed” voters. Anyone with a modicum of understanding of domestic or foreign affairs spent the entire 90 minutes doubled over in laughter.

Catching up with Tom Tancredo

At the FAIR Advisory Board dinner last Saturday, I sat with Congressman Tom Tancredo. I had written much about Tom during his congressional career. The following day at the Social Contract Magazine-sponsored Writers Workshop, Tom addressed the audience which included several CAPS representatives to tell us some funny/sad anecdotes about his years in the House fighting the Bush administration and specifically House Speaker Tom DeLay over amnesty.

California Rep. Elton Gallegly Goes to Bat for E-Verify

California will miss U.S. Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-24), the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and Policy Enforcement.

Super Tuesday Results Are In! Nothing Is Settled

Super Tuesday’s primary results proved only that the Republican race will go on. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney won six states, his major challenger Rick Santorum, three and Newt Gingrich carried Georgia, his home state. Romney’s narrow victory margin in Ohio and what critics perceive as an unimpressive Virginia win over Ron Paul when the ballot only had their two names assures that, as of today, the ultimate outcome remains up in the air.

"The Hispanic Vote": An Insult Latinos Can Do Without

This blog was first published on the Center for Immigration Studies' website.