California Now State of Wealth, Poverty Extremes

California is the state that often points how the rest of the country will go. That should give Americans cause to pause and consider if that’s the way they really want to proceed. One thing about California today is that it is becoming a state of economic extremes – significantly of wealth and poverty.

CAPS Says ‘Save Our States’

News in recent weeks has been dominated by the Ebola virus and fundamentalist terrorists claiming Islam and barbarism as their own (what a combination!), so our continuing immigration dysfunction in the U.S. and our unsecured borders haven’t been much in the news. But, Hello, the problem still is here. In fact, with Ebola and ISIS, one would think mainstream media would be a little more attuned to the value of border enforcement.

The Left: Demanding Only Silence on Overpopulation

I was recently, after a few emails back and forth, shrilly called “a real piece of work” by an employee of a major global population-reduction organization – one that refuses to look at population in the United States, apparently because the national corporate media (conveniently and, seemingly, profitably, for those who own them and benefit from flooded labor markets) have convinced them that to do so is racist or xenophobic.

South of the Border, Where Mexico’s Economy and its Future May be Brighter than in U.S.

As unaccompanied minors flood across the U.S.-Mexico border, advocates’ cries of how federal immigration law breaks up families get louder by the day. After all, if the borders were officially wide open, then the 120 alien children who arrive each day could be accompanied by their parents or another responsible adult.

Cure Cancer with Ladders

Hillary Clinton (the presumptive 2016 Democrat presidential nominee) spoke on the greatness of America in her most recent book, Hard Choices: “At the time

White House Delivers Another Blow to Reeling American Unemployed

H4 Visa Holders to be Work Authorized

I’m putting this one in my “I’d rather be wrong than right” file. In my April 19 post, I alerted CAPS readers that the Department of Homeland Security was stealthily moving toward giving work authorization to spouses of H-1B visa holders. Under current regulations, spouses and children of H-1B workers receive an H-4 visa that allows them to study, open bank accounts and drive, but not work.

Expect a New Wave of Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration subsided after the economic downturn beginning in 2007. With fewer jobs available in the United States, fewer foreigners were trying to enter illegally. At the same time, an increasing number of illegal aliens already living here chose to go home. In 2007, a record total of 12.2 million illegal aliens were estimated to reside in the U.S. By the following year, the total had gone down to 11 million and remained at that approximate level for several more years.

Little-Big Businessmen Cry ‘Labor Shortage’

We all remember the story of the Little Boy who cried “wolf” when there was no wolf around. Today, we have a similar tale: the Little-Big Businessmen who cry “labor shortage.”

Actually these types have been around for quite some time. In the past they cried “labor shortage” when Congress was trying to abolish child labor, and they proclaimed it when Congress proposed and enacted significant cuts in immigration in the 1920s.

Wyoming is Last Holdout on Refugee Resettlement

Wyoming is the last of the 50 U.S. states holding out on refugee resettlement. The federal refugee program has long been a thorn in the side of organizations that want to limit immigration to sensible levels and, at the same time, eliminate fraud from worthwhile existing immigration programs.

Economic Policy Institute: Full Employment ‘Alarmingly Far Off’

When Congress reconvened on March 24, the comprehensive immigration reform wrangle resumed, almost by rote. Americans who favor enforcement-first nervously await the next White House subversion of existing immigration law.