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On Turtle Independence Day, No Fireworks, but Lots of Love

On the 4th of July, the annual Turtle Independence Day will be celebrated at Hawaii’s Mauna Lani Resort, a tradition that began 28 years ago. The Hawaiian green sea turtle, or honu, has been around the islands for centuries, possibly as long as 200 million years, and is revered. In Chinese mythology, the sea turtle represents wisdom, and in Hawaii, according to lore, it guided the first voyagers to the islands.

One Primate’s Population Soars, Causing Hundreds of Others to Sink

On Planet Earth as a whole, the population of exactly one species of primate is surging, at the expense of hundreds of other primate species.

On World Wildlife Day: We Can Do More

Yet another black rhino has been brutally murdered by poachers, leaving a two-year-old calf motherless. Adding to the immorality of the senseless and unconscionable act was that the rhino was 12 months pregnant and slaughtered at a conservancy in Kenya. Is there no safe harbor for our wildlife?

Give Pause to Consider All Wildlife on World Lion Day

Walter Palmer poses next to Cecil the LionSince the story broke of Walter Palmer, who lured Cecil the lion out of a protected park in Zimbabwe, shot him with an arrow and, after a grueling 40 hours for Cecil, finally killed this rare and magnificent animal, one wonders.