Stabilize Population to Save Water, Energy, and California

Lake Cachuma, California
Lake Cachuma in Santa Barbara County is currently at 13% of its
historical average and 9% of its capacity.

A Meditation on Ecological Sustainability

The Radiant Optimism of Sustainability Sutra, by Roy Morrison

Roy Morrison is a visionary. He is also a long-time New England-based energy consultant and author who wrote the first law in the U.S. for municipal aggregation for retail electricity competition, an emerging tool which can be used by communities to encourage the development of renewable energy as well as to keep electric rates down.

America’s Overpopulation Predicament: Growing Greenhouse Gases

A simple look at the upward path of global greenhouse emissions indicates we will continue to squeeze the trigger on the gun we have put to our own head.

– Eugene Linden
The Winds of Change: Climate, Weather, and the Destruction of Civilization

In the United States, 255 million cars and trucks, along with millions of planes, boats, trains, lawn mowers, snow machines and other combustion engines, burn fuel 24/7. They exhaust enormous amounts of pollution every second without end.

Oil Created a 100-Year Window that’s Closing

The cheap oil age created an artificial bubble of plentitude for a period not much longer than a human lifetime. I hazard to assert that as oil ceases to be cheap and the world reserves move toward depletion, we will be left with an enormous population that the ecology of the earth will not support. The journey back toward non-oil population homeostasis will not be pretty. We will discover the hard way that population hyper-growth was simply a side effect of the oil age. It was a condition, not a problem with a solution. That is what happened and we are stuck with it.

Renewable Energy Is No Silver Bullet

It is an article of faith among mainstream environmental groups and Chief Pontificator Al Gore that renewable energy sources like wind and solar power are “green,” as in, environmentally friendly.

More People → More Energy Use → More Water Use → Energy vs. Water

The California and U.S. populations are bursting at the seams and so is their insatiable hunger for energy.  Because vested interests block them from reducing immigration and stabilizing their populations, in each of recent decades some 4-6 million new energy consumers in California and 27-33 million nationally have been added to our already swollen ranks. 

Linking Solar Power, the Lesser Prairie Chicken and Population

Kermit was right: It’s not that easy being green.

Solar energy, a recent article notes, is less polluting than energy created from burning coal and natural gas – until the production elements are factored in.