environmental degradation

Overpopulation Overpowers Ocean

Two-thirds of once-vast sea now stressed by exponentially increasing human activity

Countries with Largest Ecological Footprints all Have Large Populations

The Oakland-based Global Footprint Network – a nonprofit that calculates the demands of human economies on ecosystems – has released the ecological footprints of almost 150 countries in the 2017 edition of the National Footprint Accounts.

Western Consumption is Deadly

Boosted by Immigration-Driven Population Growth, our Gluttony is Linked to Thousands of Deaths Worldwide

One of the topics addressed in a 2016 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on U.S. immigration rates prepared by Progressives for Immigration Reform (PFIR), about which I wrote here for CAPS, is “International Ecological Impacts of U.S. Immigration Policies.”

On the Road in the Philippines: A Look at Mass Deforestation

Checkpoint for illegal logging in the Phillipines

Overpopulation, Development, Stagnation, Migration and Vindication

Rejecting demographic reality should not be rewarded.

Back in 1994, the Los Angeles Times published a letter to the editor of mine under the headline “Overpopulation and Resources,” criticizing a Times op-ed column by the hard-hitting, flamboyant, lefty journalist and author Alexander Cockburn. The contrarian and colorful Cockburn, a former writer for The Nation and the Village Voice, later founded the webzine Counterpunch before dying of cancer in 2012.

CAPS, Eight Others Sue DHS for Neglecting NEPA Requirements

Californians for Population Stabilization is one of nine plaintiffs that have filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security for its failure to consider the 1969 National Environmental Policy Act’s (NEPA) requirements in it immigration actions. The NEPA obligates “any agency considering an action that will affect the environment to analyze and publicize those effects.” Read the complaint and see the exhibits here.

Awful Air Pollution

It Costs Billions of Dollars and Millions of Lives Annually

World’s Wilderness Disappearing

Another Dispatch from a Vanishing Realm

“In Canada and Alaska there are still large expanses of virgin country, where nameless men by nameless rivers wander, and in strange valleys die strange deaths alone.”

           - Aldo Leopold, “Wilderness,” from A Sand County Almanac, 1949 (Oxford University Press)

Impact of India’s Fertility Rates Reach Beyond India

As we watch our country being flooded with refugees and immigrants – illegal and legal – from around the world, few ask, “When will the line of immigrants end?”

Answer: it won’t end. In fact, it’s likely to accelerate.

Most Urgent Threats to Life on Earth Today

Global Warming Not Even in Top Five

Nowadays, to hear some lightweight, so-called environmentalists yammer and yack, the one and only environmental cause is their holy war against global warming, a.k.a. climate change.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard activists and the media treat climate interchangeably with environment, as if the natural environment consists of nothing but the climate, or as if manmade climate change was the only threat to the environment out there.