Executive Order

Trump’s Revised Executive Order Ignores the Commonsense Solution – Resettle Refugees Abroad

President Donald Trump’s revised, softened executive order that pauses refugee entry from six terrorist-sponsoring nations – Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Syria – and suspends the refugee resettlement admissions program for 120 days is sure to set off explosive racism and anti-Muslim charges leveled at the administration.

Trump Hits the Ground Running with Direct Action on Immigration

Speaking from the Oval Office in his first weekly radio address broadcast January 28, President Donald J. Trump said, “This administration has hit the ground running at a record pace…. We’re doing it with speed and we’re doing it with intelligence … on behalf of the American people.”

Time May Be Running Out on Obama’s Executive Action

One thing President Obama’s executive action amnesty is not, despite the White House and the Department of Justice’s insistence, is an emergency measure. There’s no urgency to granting work permits, Social Security numbers, welfare benefits and earned income tax credits to 5 million illegal immigrants. Some have lived in the U.S.

NY Times Wants Readers to Question Nonresponsive Hillary Clinton; CAPS Responds

New York Times reporter Amy Chozick is understandably miffed by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s reluctance to answer questions – she’s only responded to seven since declaring on April 12. Hoping to get something out of Clinton, Chozick urged readers to submit their own questions via Facebook to The New York Times Politics and Washington page.

Most Americans Jubilant over Texas Injunction

It is more difficult to be deported from Obama’s "transformed America" than it is to win the visa lottery.

Finally! Yippee! Americans win one in America! Viva, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen!

Administration Pushes Illegal Amnesty Program by Extorting and Intimidating Congress

The United States is, at least on paper, a democratic republic. Considering the huge influence that immensely wealthy individuals, corporations and special interest groups now wield, it has been said that the nation has been transformed into an oligarchy.

Obama’s ‘Gift’ to International Terrorists: Immigration Executive Action

The December 11, 2014, Fox News article, “Fox News Poll: 81 percent expect ISIS attack on US, majority says keep Gitmo open,” makes it clear that the threat of a terror attack, carried out on U.S. soil, is of great concern to the overwhelming majority of American citizens.

Obama to Recklessly Grant Administrative Amnesty

At 8:00 PM EST, President Obama will finally deliver on his promise to grant an administrative amnesty to about 5 million illegal aliens.  Even though Obama’s unconstitutional legalization has been anticipated for weeks, it’s disheartening to have official confirmation that the president doesn’t govern with Americans’ common good as his goal.

Aliens Trump American Workers as Impatient Obama Threatens to Use Exec. Order

A disgruntled President Obama is running out of patience and “can’t wait in perpetuity” for Congress to pass immigration reform. Accordingly, as has been widely reported, he’ll soon issue his executive order that will suspend deportation for about five million legally deportable aliens.

Obama’s Self-Serving Executive Order Most Hurtful to Unemployed Minorities

Whether the final total number of newly authorized workers that President Obama’s executive order will create is the administration’s projected 800,000, the Pew Hispanic Center’s 1.4 million or the probable 2 million the Migration Policy Institute expects, one fact  the other side can’t argue with: each new work permit issued makes an