Executive Overreach

Time May Be Running Out on Obama’s Executive Action

One thing President Obama’s executive action amnesty is not, despite the White House and the Department of Justice’s insistence, is an emergency measure. There’s no urgency to granting work permits, Social Security numbers, welfare benefits and earned income tax credits to 5 million illegal immigrants. Some have lived in the U.S.

Obama Twists Truth for Amnesty Decrees

Barack Obama is not a man to let honesty, principles and laws stand in the way of his political agenda. His arbitrary decrees offering amnesty and work permits to millions of illegal aliens are proof enough of this point, especially given the fact that prior to those decrees he admitted on numerous occasions that he didn’t have the legal authority to issue them.

Most Americans Jubilant over Texas Injunction

It is more difficult to be deported from Obama’s "transformed America" than it is to win the visa lottery.

Finally! Yippee! Americans win one in America! Viva, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen!

Administration Pushes Illegal Amnesty Program by Extorting and Intimidating Congress

The United States is, at least on paper, a democratic republic. Considering the huge influence that immensely wealthy individuals, corporations and special interest groups now wield, it has been said that the nation has been transformed into an oligarchy.

Legal Action Grows against Obama Edict

Many commentators speculate on what actions Congress may take to rein in President Obama’s unilateral amnesty edict, a move which clearly challenges the constitutional authority of Congress to make laws. The judicial branch probably will have a say as well.

Obama’s ‘Gift’ to International Terrorists: Immigration Executive Action

The December 11, 2014, Fox News article, “Fox News Poll: 81 percent expect ISIS attack on US, majority says keep Gitmo open,” makes it clear that the threat of a terror attack, carried out on U.S. soil, is of great concern to the overwhelming majority of American citizens.

Boehner Has Abysmal Pro-Amnesty, Anti-American Worker Voting Record

Most of the 162 House Republicans who voted yes on the Obama-endorsed $1.1 trillion, 1,600-page spending bill are scurrying around to make nice with their deeply disappointed constituents.

Obama to Recklessly Grant Administrative Amnesty

At 8:00 PM EST, President Obama will finally deliver on his promise to grant an administrative amnesty to about 5 million illegal aliens.  Even though Obama’s unconstitutional legalization has been anticipated for weeks, it’s disheartening to have official confirmation that the president doesn’t govern with Americans’ common good as his goal.

Congress Must Check Obama’s Power

In response to President Obama’s threats to proclaim a new amnesty edict, the House passed a bill to curtail such actions. Specifically it would defund the DACA amnesty, proclaimed by Obama two years ago, which granted legal status and work permits to illegal aliens in the Dream Act category. It also would ban future edicts of this type. The measure is symbolic because the Democrat-majority Senate won’t pass it.