Fur-Bearing Animals, Other Critters Being Driven to Extinction for Dinner

mass extinction

Hunting for food and purported medicinal products is threatening more than 300 species of mammals with extinction in what is being called a global crisis by The Royal Society, an independent scientific academy in the UK.

The Tragic Face of Extinction

vluw-eyed black lemur
The critically endangered blue-eyed black lemur of Madagascar
– only 100 survive in the wild.

Tigers, 3,000; Homo sapiens, 7.4 billion

Man continues his march using poorly chosen metrics to measure his success, namely, growth at any cost. This thought, and the number “3,000,” has been very much on my mind since yesterday, which was International Tiger Day.
Three thousand. That’s the estimated number of tigers still living in the wild. Just 100 years ago, the estimated number was 100,000. Near decimation in the blink of an historical eye.

Not only Elephants, Rhinos and Gorillas Face Extinction in Africa; Human Overpopulation is Devouring (Literally) Other Large Herbivores Too

Imagine a lonely, desolate world without magnificent creatures such as elephants, rhinos, gorillas, hippos, zebras and giraffes gracing the wild. One in which perhaps a few abject stragglers survive behind bars in zoos as objects of regret or ridicule for hordes of gawkers.

Two is Company, Eight Billion is a Crowd

Here at CAPS we understand that unchecked population growth is the most serious threat to the environment and global living standards. The site, MPHOnline.org, recently published a startling infographic that explains in simple terms what human overpopulation means for us now and into the future. Environmental, societal, resource and public health issues are all things that are affected directly by human overpopulation.

In Memory of Martha – The Last of Her Kind

Today, September 1, 2014, marks a century to the day that a legendary species of bird perished from the face of the earth. Martha, the very last surviving passenger pigeon (Ectopistes migratorius), died in the Cincinnati Zoo on September 1, 1914. And with her death, the passenger pigeon officially went extinct.

Twilight Zone? Onset of the Earth’s Sixth Mass Extinction

One profligate species causes demise of thousands

Over its storied 3.8-billion year history, the long-running epic called Life on Earth has suffered five major setbacks, called mass extinction events. In a mass extinction, not just species, but entire taxa – genera, families and orders – can be swept away into oblivion, leaving behind only a smattering of fossils as mute testimony to their ephemeral presence on our planet.

Today is World Elephant Day

Today is World Elephant Day. Sunday was World Lion Day. Frankly, every day could be given over to recognizing an animal, because we must do more to build awareness of what man is doing worldwide to destroy our rich biodiversity. Simultaneously, we must work to stop more losses and then reverse the trends.