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Biodiversity. Family planning. What’s the link?

More than 26,000 of the world’s species are now threatened, according to the latest assessment of the natural world from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Over the last year, six more species have been declared extinct, and another 1700 species are listed as critically endangered, possibly extinct.

Limiting Access in America to Family Planning Has a High Cost

Trump introductions with religion sector

In a 163-page rule-changing document, “Religious Exemptions and Accommodations for Coverage of Certain Preventive Services Under the Affordable Care Act,” as of last month some U.S. women will have more difficulty obtaining birth control.

Bill Maher: We Should Have Fewer Resource-Sucking Children

bill maher
Outspoken comedian Bill Maher of HBO’s popular show Real Time with Bill Maher, taped in Los Angeles, is a mixed bag when it comes to overpopulation, or maybe just mixed up. 

Cutting off Family Planning Funds will Increase Immigration Pressure

Unfortunately, the current administration has cut off U.S. funding to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). This political football has been tossed back and forth for decades, but, in spite of spurious charges from family planning opponents, a memorandum from the State Department acknowledged there was no evidence of U.N. support for coercion of any kind.

Today is International Women’s Day

In Yvon Chouinard’s “Let my people go surfing / the education of a reluctant businessman,” the founder and owner of Patagonia, writes, “From the very beginning of our catalog, we have always tried to portray women as equal to men. When we showed women climbing, they were leading, not following.”

Today is World Vasectomy Day!

Snip to Save the Earth

As a proud recipient of a vasectomy in 1997, a year after the birth of my second child, I am pleased to see that World Vasectomy Day (WVD) is now in its fourth year, scheduled for today, Friday, November 13.

Gutting Family Planning Programs Will Only Increase Abortions

I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras for three years. Family planning and birth control were rudimentary at best in that small, struggling Central American republic. Not coincidentally, there were many unplanned births and extremely rapid population growth. When I was in Honduras, its population was increasing by more than 3 percent annually, at a rate that would double its size every 20 to 25 years.

Birth Control Pill Founder Carl Djerassi Understood Politics Would Take Greater Role in Family Planning than Science

A CAPS Advisory Board member, chemist and professor widely credited as the father of the birth control pill, or “the Pill,” Carl Djerassi, died January 30 at age 91.

Family Planning Can Help Stabilize Global Numbers

Evidence mounts that world population will not stabilize, as some forecasters thought it would, by 2050.

Brown Belittles Californians Who Sensibly Choose Smaller Families

Jerry Brown and former girlfriend, singer Linda Ronstadt, made headlines while they were dating. Brown is among the “affluent” he chides for not “producing” offspring; Ronstadt has two adopted children.