The Last Peach

Population Growth, Sprawl Threaten California’s Crops.

Resolving Chronic Water Scarcity – ‘Waste Not, Want Not?’

When it comes to solving chronic and intensifying water shortages in the Southwest, including California, many politicians, journalists and even environmentalists apparently subscribe to the old adage of “Waste Not, Want Not.”

And there is certainly an ounce of wisdom in this old saw, in everything from managing one’s own finances to managing public forests. Using a resource judiciously – be it money, or timber, or water – is crucial to ensuring that it will not run out.

Enormous Environmental Destruction Results from Raising Animals for Consumption

Very few American concern themselves with the underbelly of overpopulation. Let’s take a look!

“Some 38 percent of the world’s grain crop is now fed to animals, as well as large quantities of soybeans. There are three times as many domestic animals on this planet as there are human beings,” according to Peter Singer, author of “Practical Ethics.”

California’s Land Conservationists Agree: Crisis Looming but What about Immigration?

In the mid-1980s, when Californians for Population Stabilization had its headquarters in Sacramento, a group of us went to a kick-off meeting for Smart Growth. At the time, smart growth was all the rage; the concept promoted building up rather than out to spare California’s irreplaceable, invaluable land.

Part 8: What Constitutes Overpopulation in 21st Century America? Poisoning our ground water and aquifers.

"In 22 states parents can’t take kids fishing and eat the fish if they’re lucky enough to catch anything because of mercury. Think about that.