Reports of slowing illegal immigration to U.S. from Mexico

One thing to keep in mind is that Mexico is just ONE country, albeit the most important source country by far for a number of decades.

Births and Immigration Down; Much Work Ahead to Sustain the Trend

According to Smart Growth America, my decision to move from California to Pittsburgh to escape relentless, immigration-driven population was spot on. Over the last several years, Pittsburgh’s population declined but its average household wealth increased.

Decades-Long Failed U.S.-Haiti Immigration Policy Continues

One of the constants in the United States’ failed struggle for a sensible immigration policy is its continued mismanagement of Haitian policy.

An Open Letter to the Board of Science

Dear AAAS President and Board,

I am very disappointed to learn that AAAS has denied the nonprofit advocacy organization Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) the opportunity to operate an educational booth at the upcoming February 2012 meeting of AAAS in Vancouver, Canada.

Economists Push More Births in Developed Countries

As an oldster of 80 with two jobs, a large family to see to, and enjoying a wonderful married life with lots of sports and social activities I disagree totally with the stupid economists who think we oldsters can’t take care of ourselves and that the dwindling population of younger people should have to pay and take care of us. That is the stated reason for advocating that European nations, Japan and the U.S. have more children. These economists think that we need more workers to put money into the Social Security programs of each nation.  But because the U.S.

Letter to the Economist re: World Population at 7 Billion


Your paper gave short shrift to the problems caused by continuing population growth, even as the world faces severe pressures on resources and food supplies, and suffers a tremendous loss of biodiversity ("A tale of three islands," October 22nd.)

Steering Toward Population and Immigration Sanity

The United States is the world's highest-consuming nation. Our per capita level of consumption is severely magnified by our large population which has now exceeded 308 million. While we try to steer our country around financial disaster, our booming population continues to grow as fast as many third-world countries. Indeed, since 1945 our population growth rate has rivaled that of India. California has been growing faster than Bangladesh.

Musings on Gandhi, Obama and Leadership

Making Rabbits Blush

After writing about the extremely large (by contemporary standards) and still growing brood of the polygamist family on TLC’s “Sister Wives,” I would be remiss not to give equal time to the Duggar family, also of TLC fame. “Don’t Try This at Home.”

That should be the disclaimer at the beginning and end of “19 Kids and Counting” (renamed from the original program, “14 Children and Pregnant Again,” as more babies were produced), the reality show about the Duggars, the Arkansas couple whose fecundity would make even rabbits and rats blush. Apparently back when Hillary Clinton included the line, “It takes a village to raise a child,” in a speech, the Duggars thought they had to produce the village.

Looking for Hope in the Issues

As I sit behind the computer screen to start writing this blog post, I discard all my ideas for posts that I’ve been considering.