Alabama Gets Immigration-Overpopulation Link; California (Willfully) Doesn’t

Tiny Alabama with its 4.9 million residents is lucky to have U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks raising awareness about immigration’s effect on rampant population growth.

Brooks, who represents Alabama’s 5th District and its 696,000 people, spoke on the House floor and underlined many of Californians for Population Stabilization’s key arguments for limiting immigration to sensible, sustainable levels. Said Brooks:

Here Comes Sawyer; There Goes Your Job!

Senator Jeff Sessions’ April 9 Washington Post op-ed provides a useful immigration history summary, and an update on the dire employment picture for Americans that unchecked immigration has victimized.

Incredible! My L.A. Hotel Housekeeper is an American-Born Male

I’m in Los Angeles this week to promote CAPS’ ad campaign asking that 20 million unemployed Americans be given the dignity and respect that illegal aliens are demanding nationwide on Saturday, October 5. They claim they’ll be protesting in 150 U.S. cities. Our ads are being broadcast in Los Angeles, Modesto and Bakersfield.

"Nutty" Bill Clinton at It Again, Falsely Claims America Needs More Foreign-Born Workers

As if struggling unemployed Americans don’t face enough obstacles, former President Bill Clinton has added his unsolicited two cents to the wide spread call among open borders advocates for more immigration.

Clinton joins incumbent Barack Obama, Congressional Democrats and most Congressional Republicans when he urged that the United States “stop some of our nutty immigration policies.” By “nutty,” Clinton means restrictions on legal immigration where most newly-arrived immigrants compete with or take jobs from unemployed Americans.

Exposed: The Scandalous Practice of Using Overseas Agents to Place Foreign-Born Students in American Universities

Are you concerned about getting your child or grandchild into college? You should be.

The More Americans Learn about Immigration, the Less of It They Want

Here’s some good news published in an unexpected source, the Wall Street Journal. [Americans Stumble on the Math of Big Issues, by Carl Bialik, Wall Street Journal, January 7, 2012]