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Multiple Enforcement Failures Lead to Senseless Slaughter of Engaged Boston Doctors

In Boston, a horrific, preventable crime occurred not because of the city’s sanctuary status, but because an immigration lawyer, the district attorney’s office, a municipal judge and disinterested FBI agents unwittingly conspired to keep a deportable green card holder in town.

Obama Comes to My Hometown, Talks Tech, Fouls up Traffic

At a one-day conference in Pittsburgh called the White House Frontiers Conference, President Barack Obama announced that he will allocate more than $300 million in federal and private funds to support science and technology. The total will include about $165 million for so-called smart city initiatives like reducing traffic congestion.

Pending NLRB Decision Could Be a Boost for Unemployed Americans

Within a few weeks, the National Labor Relations Board will rule on who can be defined as an “employer.” At issue is whether temporary or contract workers provided by placement agencies should be considered employees of the organization they are assigned to, be allowed to collectively bargain with their employers, and be able to hold employers liable for labor violations committed against them.

Rutgers’ Report Confirms the Obvious: American Workers Unhappy, Pessimistic

What about the Immigration Variable?

Ironically, just before the Labor Day weekend, Rutgers University released its report titled “Unhappy, Worried, and Pessimistic: Americans in the Aftermath of the Great Recession.” Lately, discouraged workers have been the subject of much interest.

Two DHS Studies Confirm That Legal Immigration Grinds On

A recent New York Times opinion editorial written by University of Southern California Professor Dowell Meyers makes the familiar claim that America’s immigration crisis is over. Meyers wrote that illegal immigration has slowed and Mexico’s birthrate has declined to 2.1 which suggests that as Mexico’s population dwindles, there will be fewer Mexicans trying to enter the United States illegally.

The Houses of Corporate Interests

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Seeing Red When Green Cards Lead to Pink Slips for Americans

When most people think about the impact of immigration on the labor market, they think about illegal aliens running our nation's borders to take jobs that involve workers' brawn not their brains.