Californians Win One on Fewer In-State UC Admissions; Lose One, SB-10

The Win: Last week, Sacramento legislators announced a new budget deal that would offer an $18.5 million funding incentive to the University of California if it enrolls an additional 2,500 in-state students for the 2017-2018 academic year.

New Chapter in California’s Illegal Immigrants ‘Nothing is ever enough’ Saga: SB-10

For California’s illegal immigrants and the Sacramento legislators who cater to them, nothing is ever enough.

Minor Aliens to Receive Medi-Cal Coverage Starting in May

On May 1, a new California law will go into effect that will provide medical coverage to minor illegal immigrant children under age 19. As part of a Medi-Cal expansion plan included in California’s 2015 budget and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, an estimated 170,000 minors will have access to the entire spectrum of health care, including regular checkups, dental coverage and mental health treatment.

The Toxification, Sickening of our Planet

Environmental contamination causes 1 in 4 deaths worldwide.

A report released on March 15 by the World Health Organization (WHO) finds that nearly 1 in 4 deaths worldwide is from exposure to toxins in the environment.

New California Budget to Include Health Care for Alien Children

California is once again breaking new ground in granting entitlements to illegal immigrants, and thereby encouraging more people to come to the state unlawfully. More people is the last thing that drought-ridden California needs. Already at 40 million residents, with 50 million projected by 2050, the state is all but out of water for residential use.

High Profile Baseball Star Sergio Romo Endorses SB 4; CAPS Responds

SB 4, a bill that would provide healthcare coverage for millions of California’s illegal immigrants, is advancing steadily toward Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk. If Brown signs SB 4, California taxpayers will have to subsidize the cost. The question is: How many millions of dollars will it take?

Amazing! Brown Blinks at Alien Health Care Costs

In a departure from his well-documented illegal immigration advocacy, California Governor Jerry Brown expressed concerns about what SB 4’s final cost might be. SB 4 proposes to make illegal immigrants eligible for Medi-Cal and to apply for a federal waiver which would allow them to purchase unsubsidized health care on the state exchange.

Like a Bad Penny, Calif. State Sen. Ricardo Lara’s ‘Health for All’ Resurfaces

“Why not go for it? After all, Governor Jerry Brown rubber stamps every Hispanic entitlement bill that reaches his desk. And they all get there.”

Immigration Increases Health Care Costs

The high cost of medical care is of great concern to most Americans. Insurance helps to ease health care expenses, but insurance also is expensive. Obamacare is supposed to improve matters, but the jury is still out on just how much so – if at all.

Calif. Sen. Lara’s Bill Proposes Taxpayer-Funded Care for Aliens

In the latest of a seemingly never-ending series of bills that cater to California’s illegal immigrants at the expense of its legal residents, Sen. Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) introduced  S. 1005, the Health for All Act.