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For America to Do Well, Americans Must Do Well

America’s immigration laws were enacted to achieve two primary goals: protect the jobs of American workers and protect innocent lives. It is impossible to imagine that politicians who traditionally campaign on promises to create jobs for their constituents and reduce crime could take issue with the effective enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws. Yet, Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) would undermine those two essential objectives, because the goals of CIR are focused on changing, not enforcing our immigration laws.

New Congress, Same Old Story: Senate Introduces High-Tech Bill to Increase Foreign Workers

The tech lobby got a huge payoff from one of its staunchest allies, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch. On January 13, Hatch reintroduced his high-skilled immigration bill, the Immigration Innovation Act, which looks suspiciously similar to Mark Zuckerberg’s wish list that he promoted so relentlessly last summer.

Commerce Secretary Pritzker Says More Immigration is a ‘Moral Imperative’

The 24 states that have sued the Obama administration over its executive amnesty aren’t the only ones to take legal action.

Robotics Technology, Automation Make ‘Labor Shortage’ Even More Untenable

One of the favorite mantras of mass immigration advocates, which they endlessly repeat, is “labor shortage.” To hear them tell it, we have always had a labor shortage and always will – even though we’ve had the highest sustained level of immigration in our history for more than two decades. Somehow the “shortage” always remains, which is used as justification for even more immigration.

Imported High-Tech ‘Talent’ U.S. Could Live Without

There’s been a lot of blah, blah, blah about what a shame it is that America is turning away so much foreign talent. This then is “backed up” with the idea that native-born Americans just don’t seem smart enough or “innovative” enough to lead the businesses of tomorrow. This meme is often repeated in reference to the high-tech world and Silicon Valley.

Billionaires Zuckerberg, Slim Yearn to Become Trillionaires

Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, estimated net worth $34.2 billion, recently hobnobbed with the world’s richest man, Mexico’s Carlos Slim ($86.2 billion), to bemoan comprehensive immigration reform’s apparent death in the U.S. Congress. Slim invited Zuckerberg to speak at his Telmex Foundation. Telmex is Mexico’s largest telecommunications provider.

Mark Zuckerberg: Can’t Make Friends or Influence People

Multibillionaire Mark Zuckerberg, net worth $34 billion at last count, doesn’t know much about making friends or influencing people.

Rutgers’ Report Confirms the Obvious: American Workers Unhappy, Pessimistic

What about the Immigration Variable?

Ironically, just before the Labor Day weekend, Rutgers University released its report titled “Unhappy, Worried, and Pessimistic: Americans in the Aftermath of the Great Recession.” Lately, discouraged workers have been the subject of much interest.

Tech Companies Don’t Want Older (Qualified) Americans

Older unemployed high tech workerIf there is truly a shortage of Americans who can do computer programming and other tech jobs, as tech companies constantly claim, then how is it that there are millions of Americans with technical training who are either working in other fields or are unemployed?

Americans, Finally Waking Up, Worry about Too Many Worker Visas

Last year, the Senate passed a massive immigration bill that would have more than doubled legal immigration within a decade. H-1B visas, the vehicle most immigrants use to enter the U.S. labor market, would have increased from the current 85,000 cap to 180,000. The Border Enforcement, Economic Security and Immigration Modernization Act would also have removed language that specified that companies have to consider American applicants before hiring a foreign-born employee.