High Tech Jobs

Microsoft Layoffs Disprove Worker Shortage Claim

The 18,000 laid off Microsoft workers might take cold comfort in the moribund 2013 Gang of Eight Senate bill. Had it become law, as Microsoft founder Bill Gates so fervently hoped it would, the recently unemployed would compete in an ever-shrinking job market. S.744 would have admitted 150 percent more H-1B and other employment-based foreign-born guest workers than the total of projected new IT jobs created every year.

Betrayal of the American Dream

Today the American Dream is becoming less attainable than ever before, while the middle class continues to shrink as America's economy falters.

May BLS Report: Uninspiring Job Stats Conflict with White House Amnesty Agenda to Add Millions of New Workers

Today’s Bureau of Labor Statistic’s ho-hum report showed that 217,000 jobs were added in May. Unemployment remained unchanged at 6.3 percent.

H4 Update: More Likely to Work in Mainstream Jobs than in High Tech

In a recent blog post, I wrote about the Obama administration’s proposed new rule to grant work permits to H4 visa holders who are spouses of H-1B non-immigrant workers.

Another Major Company Leaves California

Toyota's USA Headquarters in Torrance, CAIn what looks like a page out of Nissan’s playbook, another automaker, Toyota, is picking up stakes in the South Bay, part of the greater Los Angeles area, and taking its U.S. headquarters to Texas.  Toyota is the world’s largest automaker and the eighth largest company.

Tech Firms Cry Worker Shortage – Americans Need not Apply

Scott Corley is a man with a mission. Corley is executive director of Compete America, an organization representing some of the top names in American high tech and information technology (IT), including Amazon, Facebook, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Intel and Microsoft. Corley is lobbying Congress to grant a significant increase in the number of foreign tech workers that the companies can hire under the H-1B temporary visa program.

Shortage of STEM Workers: A Myth

Around the world, employer interests long ago determined that an inexpensive way to attract trusting young people into the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields is to falsely claim that there is a “looming shortage” of scientists and engineers. Such a public relations approach is far less expensive to employers than raising salaries or improving working conditions.

"Can do!"

The two word phrase, “Can do!” represented the American spirit that become the envy and, indeed, the role model for the world.

“Can do!” was the rallying cry that reverberated across our nation 70 years ago on December 7, 1941 when our nation was attacked at Pearl Harbor and our nation was thrust into World War II.

Government Of the People, By the People and For the People?

"Government of the people, by the people and for the people" was President Abraham Lincoln's eloquent way of describing the relationship between the citizens of the United States and their government in his Gettysburg Address.

That famous quote is often repeated but there seems to be scant attention paid to what those amazing 11 words really mean.

Shovel-Ready Jobs

The United States is confronting so many challenges coming from many directions simultaneously.

Our nation is facing a debt ceiling and no one has yet to determine what will happen if the debt ceiling is not raised and the United States defaults on its obligations.  What is known that this would likely have serious ramifications for our nation, our citizens, and for other countries across the planet.