Hilary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Bested by the Crocodile Hunter’s Teenage Progeny

Denial about overpopulation's negative consequences extends all the way to the U.S. Secretary of State, the highest ranking appointed official in the Executive Branch.

This story received quite a bit of media attention before Hillary Clinton recently departed her position, but it’s worth re-sharing:

60 Million Child Brides … Really?

With Columbus Day just passed, explorers and adventurers are still top of mind, particularly since I’m in the middle of reading “1493 / Uncovering the New World Columbus Created.”

In “1493,” author Charles C. Mann writes that even as conquistador Hernán Cortés was busy ripping apart the Aztec empire, and bringing a large portion of Mexico to Spanish subjugation, he found time to produce offspring by a variety of women, apparently as was common in the Europe of his day for men with a certain level of power.