Malibu is Latest City to Claim Sanctuary Status

As a kid growing up in Los Angeles, Malibu was always my preferred weekend destination. Malibu to me meant 21 miles of individual beaches that stretch across the magnificent Pacific Coast Highway, local parks, magnificent homes, and an occasional major movie star sighting that might have included Bette Davis, Frank Sinatra or Barbara Stanwyck.

A Matter of Taste, Judgment

Watching Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes last weekend made me nostalgic for Marlon Brando’s 1973 rejection of an Academy Award and his representation on stage that night by a very polite and dignified 27-year-old Apache, Sacheen Littlefeather.

Donald Trump to CAPS Members, America: Merry Christmas!

Early in his campaign, President-elect Donald Trump promised a fired-up crowd of supporters that, when he was elected, they’d be able to say “Merry Christmas” again. At that instant, I knew Trump had a chance.

Can Blockbuster Filmmaking Raise Awareness of the Overpopulation Problem?

Harvard professor, code breaker and expert symbologist Robert Langdon returned in author Dan Brown’s 2013 bestseller,

A Heartwarming Look at Californians’ Love Affair with Their Wildlife

Book Review of When Mountain Lions Are Neighbors: People and Wildlife Working It Out in California
By Beth Pratt-Bergstrom

Pop Culture Rediscovers Overpopulation

After a hiatus, pop culture rediscovered overpopulation big time this summer. The perils of too many people figure prominently both in a blockbuster science fiction movie and a #1 best-selling book.