Homeland Security

Trump’s Refugee EO Gives Hope to Struggling Cities

For all the fuss about President Donald Trump’s executive order that temporarily poses some restrictions on certain refugees’ entry into the United States, one of its key provisions has been overlooked.

According to Section 5 (g):

The Muslim Ban that Wasn't

“A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions
of truth in order to deceive is a craftsman of destruction.”

Trump Thunders Ahead with Executive Actions on Immigration Enforcement that Give Big Boost to Population Stabilization

In one of President Donald Trump’s tweets, he promised that Wednesday would be a “big day” on the national security front. Trump didn’t disappoint.

Remembering the California Victims of Terrorist Couple’s Evildoing

San Bernardino has become one more American city that will be remembered for being the site of a mass shooting.

Multiple Immigration System Failures Undermine National Security

CIA Director Brennan warns that ISIS is likely to exploit refugee flows, smuggling routes and legitimate methods of travel to attack the West

Budding Silicon Valley Terrorist Thwarted

Since President Obama announced his commitment to resettling an additional 10,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees this fiscal year, the White House has assured and reassured Americans nervous about terrorism attacks that they have no need to worry. The refugees will be thoroughly vetted, according to the White House, and placed seamlessly in American communities.

CAPS Encourages Resettling Refugees Close to Their Home Countries

The presidential primaries have distracted Americans from the ongoing threat to public safety that the Obama administration’s refugee resettlement program represents. The administration has committed, despite public opposition, to accepting 10,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees in 2016 which will bring the annual worldwide refugee total coming to the United States this year to 85,000.

California’s Driver’s Licenses: a Double-Barreled Unhappy Start for 2016

We’ve news in California from the Department of Motor Vehicles to start the New Year. First, the DMV announced that during 2015, 605,000 licenses, or almost 50 percent of the total, went to illegal aliens.

Connect the (Terrorist) Dots

A portion of the nation is irate that five Taliban terrorists held at Gitmo have been freed in exchange for an American prisoner-of-war (POW) soldier in captivity for five years. According to the Weekly Standard, “The Taliban has long demanded that the ‘Gitmo 5’ be released in order for peace talks to begin in earnest...the administration set preconditions for the talks, including that the Taliban break its relationship with al-Qaeda.

Only Five Months Into the Year, Projected Annual 60,000 Minor Children Border Crossings Exceeded

In my April 1 blog, I wrote about the alarming increase in unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors perilously crossing into the U.S.