Homeland Security

Administration Admits Truth about ‘Record Deportations’

The Obama Administration has finally admitted the truth: it has not conducted “record deportations” of illegal aliens. The admission came from Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, following the revelations of critics who debunked the alleged record.

What is a Passing Grade? Does Our Border Security Make the Cut?

Time and again our nation's leaders have repeated what is now a virtual mantra, "In order to protect our nation we have got to get it right 100 percent of the time while, in order to succeed, the terrorists only have to get it right once."

Intelligence and the "War on Terror"

Intelligence is the quality that places our species at the top of the food chain.  There are all sorts of creatures on our planet that easily surpass the human species in ever so many ways.  There are birds such as eagles, that can soar majestically and nearly effortlessly to dizzyi