Thanksgiving 2017: Millions of Hungry, Homeless, Unemployed Americans Struggle

homeless shelter during mealtime
Jacksonville, FL’s City Rescue Mission Feeds 700 Homeless
Thanksgiving Dinner

California Pols Move to Protect Aliens, Welcome Refugees, Ignore L.A.’s Homeless

Problem: Los Angeles’ acute homelessness.

Solution: More immigration, more refugees!

San Francisco: Overpopulated Mess

I’ve seen California’s future, and it’s overpopulated, over-crowded, traffic-paralyzed San Francisco. Even making allowances for the fact that my most recent visit occurred in July, a heavy tourist month, there’s no escaping that San Francisco is a mess, hardly the city whose “golden sun” shined so brightly for Tony Bennett.

Homeless in Hawaii

For those whose heads are still stuck in the sand about the dire consequences of overpopulation, consider Hawaii which has just declared a homeless emergency. Governor David Ige recently signed a proclamation to fight homelessness with the goal of helping young and old turn their lives around.

Hidden behind the Budget’s Happy Headlines, Californians Can’t Afford to Buy a House

California is flush, or so it would seem. Recent headlines cheered a soaring budget surplus that may have increased by $8 billion over the last several months. The total is four times the original $2 billion estimate and is attributable to stronger-than-anticipated income tax receipts.

California Population Up, So is Homelessness

Add this to the growing number of problems California faces that more population would exacerbate: according to the biennial census, Los Angeles County has more people sleeping on the streets and in their cars than two years ago, many of them for the first time. Of the 44,359 homeless in L.A. County, only 30 percent were sheltered.