California’s Affordable Housing Shortage Linked to Over-Population, Over-Immigration

CA apartment
California leads the nation in having the most severely rent-burdened households,
defined by the U.S. Department Housing and Urban Development as families
that spend more than 30 percent of their income on rent. According to HUD,

Brown Signs Bills to Alleviate Affordable Housing Shortage; Mum on Population Growth

Brown and his entourage
Senate Pro Tem President Kevin de Leon Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti,
and others at Hunter’s Point, an impoverished, crime-ridden neighborhood
Sacramento legislator hopes to transform over the next decade into
an affordable housing units.

Population Growth: Overlooked Cause of Astronomical Housing Costs in California

Telegraph Hill District of San Francisco
Astronomical:  the cost of housing in San Francisco
(Telegraph Hill District)

California: Housing Shortage or People Overage?

Last month, a lead Los Angeles Times story focused on California’s housing shortage, especially acute in the low and very low income sectors. In 1967, Gov. Ronald Reagan signed a law that ordered cities and counties to plan every eight years for new home construction to meet the needs of all economic segments of their communities. Critics call the law useless since it requires plans, but doesn’t mandate that the homes actually be built.

Hidden behind the Budget’s Happy Headlines, Californians Can’t Afford to Buy a House

California is flush, or so it would seem. Recent headlines cheered a soaring budget surplus that may have increased by $8 billion over the last several months. The total is four times the original $2 billion estimate and is attributable to stronger-than-anticipated income tax receipts.

World Water Day Promotes Conservation: Is Gov. Jerry Brown Listening?

On Sunday, World Water Day will be celebrated. The annual event is intended to help understand the vital role water plays in living a fulfilling life, and to plan for future water conservation.

‘Master Planned Community’ Transforms as Scheduled

The City of Irvine is remarkably thought-out and ordered, as demonstrated by its carefully micro-managed housing designs, park maintenance and shopping center layouts. Owing in part to thinking ahead, this “Master Planned Community” has become what many consider a highly desirable place to live. Yet, as is true for much of the U.S., Irvine is unwilling to meaningfully limit growth.

LA, Orange Counties Lead Nation for Crammed Housing

Overpopulation, Over-Immigration Fuel Shocking Living Standards

A recent Los Angeles Times story reported shockingly overcrowded living conditions in Los Angeles and Orange County. The Census Bureau defines overcrowded as homes or apartments that have more than one person per room, excluding bathrooms.

On the way to the next 100 million

The Next 100 Million by Arthur C. Nelson and Robert E. Lang in the January 2007 issue of Planning (a publication of the American Planning Association) assessed the 2006 state of the rising US population, its effects on housing and offered possible solutions.

Population growth

Craziest Immigration Scam Ever? Buy a House, Get a Visa

About five years into what eventually would become my 25-year (and counting) commitment to reforming immigration in a way positive for America, I promised myself I would never claim that I had "seen it all." Early on, I recognized that the powerful forces that lobby for more immigration within and outside Congress are creative enough to keep incentivizing immigrants.