DREAMer Wants More Immigration, Denies Committing Felony Identity Theft

Fox News host Tucker Carlson posted this query to former Wall Street executive Jullisa Arce: “How many immigrants should we bring in a year? That’s a real question.” She replied that the 85,000 H-1B visa cap should “at least be doubled, to meet the needs of our country…” and that comprehensive immigration reform proposals must include citizenship for illegal immigrants. Arce’s answer isn’t surprising. Wall Street supports more immigration and Arce came to the United States illegally with her parents at age 11.

NYC Mayor Determined to Give Illegal Aliens ID Cards

The term “carte blanche” is a French term that translates as “white card” or “blank paper.” In English it’s used to mean “free reign” or a “blank check” – meaning that because the space is blank where the check amount normally would be, the bearer can write in any amount.

Another way of describing this is to say that for the person who has been given carte blanche, price is no object.

Los Angeles City Council Sells Out Legal Residents, Approves Alien ID Cards

Lost in the November Election Day shuffle is the Los Angeles City Council’s 12-1 vote to proceed with the photo ID cards that will allow as many as 400,000 illegal immigrants not only to identify themselves but also to access banking services, pay bills, check out library cards and---get this one---use city job centers. Apparently, Councilman Richard Alarcón and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa don’t know---or don’t care about--- the city’s unemployment rate.

Blurring the Lines

"Truth is stranger than fiction" seems to play out every day in California. Two recent news items just leave me "shaking my head."

You’ve heard of the Dream Act, federal legislation to put illegal immigrants on the path to citizenship – legislation not passed through many years and iterations, but helped along most recently by President Obama’s “policy change” which stops the deportation of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and allows them the opportunity to apply for work permits.

Thirty sought in illegal driver's license scheme

Fraud comes in two fundamental categories--fraudulent schemes and fraudulent documents.

Fraudulent schemes are generally criminal conspiracies in which two or more individuals enter into a business arrangement (such as a sham marriage), to provide an alien with benefits he (she) would not otherwise be entitled to.

Document trafficker sentenced to prison for manufacturing and selling fraudulent identification documents

Today's commentary focuses on the successful prosecution of an illegal alien from Mexico, Victor Lopez-Escamilla aka "Mango Chupado," and "Ventura," for producing and selling fraudulent identity documents including counterfeit Alien Registration Cards (Green Cards) and Social Security Cards as reported in an ICE news release.