illegal aliens

Open Letter to the California Assembly re: SB 54

August 28, 2017
Dear Assembly members:

Soon you will be voting on Senate Bill 54. This bill is nothing more than a fraud being perpetrated on the law-abiding people of California as another measure to increase public safety.

DA in Sanctuary Philly Aids Alien, Pleads Guilty to Multiple Felonies

A fascinating immigration-related story, dateline sanctuary city Philadelphia, has gone mostly unpublished west of the Mississippi River. As a sanctuary city, Philadelphia law enforcement limits its cooperation with federal immigration officials. But in the Philadelphia case, the city’s top ranking law enforcement official, District Attorney Rufus Seth Williams, took bribes to assist a Jordanian national and unlawfully present alien escape airport detection upon his re-entry.

Jerry Brown’s ‘Freeloaders’ Will Underwrite $45 Million Alien Defense Fund

When a state is deeply in the red, budget increases should be scrutinized. But in California, where the state faces, according to Governor Jerry Brown, a $1.6 billion shortfall, there’s still always money aplenty for illegal immigrants’ causes.

LAUSD Cries Foul after ICE Detains Student’s Father; Overlooked, Father is Fugitive from Justice

Apparently spurred by illegal immigrant Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez’s arrest as he dropped off his daughter at the Academia Advance campus, LAUSD officials announced a policy of “non-cooperation” with federal immigration officials, reaffirmed a 2016 measure that declared campuses “safe places” for illegal immigrants, and entered into partnerships with legal service organizations to offer “Know Your

California Pols Move to Protect Aliens, Welcome Refugees, Ignore L.A.’s Homeless

Problem: Los Angeles’ acute homelessness.

Solution: More immigration, more refugees!

Another Country

Increasingly, California does look like another country. It hews so far to extremes on immigration issues that it’s difficult to see how it can be reconciled with reasonable policies. So a Calexit, or California secession, from the United States to form a new country, as has been proposed, might not be that radical of an idea.

6,400 Miles, Vast Pacific Ocean Doesn’t Deter Chinese Illegal Immigrants

OTM, border patrol agents’ code for “Other Than Mexican,” has for decades loosely translated to Central Americans, and in the last few years also Middle Easterners. But now, according to a Migration Policy Institute study, Chinese represent the fastest growing group of OTMs.

Calif. Taxpayers Reach into Wallet Again, This Time for Insurance for Minor Aliens

In 2014, a poll conducted by the immigrant advocacy group California Endowment claimed that a majority of California voters support giving health care coverage to aliens, including access to Medi-Cal.

Effective Interior Enforcement of Immigration Law Vital to Nat'l Security

For decades, discussions about the failures of the immigration system focused almost exclusively on securing our southwest border but ignored not only the legal entry system, but the solution to the failures of both the legal and illegal means by which aliens – including terrorists and transnational criminals – enter the United States: the enforcement of our immigration laws from within the interior of the U.S.

ICE Director Saldana: Take Back Your Millions, We Have No Aliens to Deport

money flying out the windowThe time is drawing near to select the most outrageous immigration happening of 2015.