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Revisiting How we Got Here

I have been asked by CAPS to write a series of blog posts. I feel uniquely qualified to write about population growth caused by legal and illegal immigration as I've forgotten more about these subjects than most people will ever know. It’s not a blessing, but a curse. I feel like Renfield in “Dracula,” as it is my personal burden, maybe yours also, to see what is happening to our country and wonder why few others do.

CAPS TV Spot, New Website Promote Ending Birthright Citizenship

Californians for Population Stabilization will air a new TV spot during the Democratic presidential debate today. Designed to help Americans understand what presidential candidates mean when they talk about anchor babies and where they stand on granting automatic citizenship to everyone born on U.S. soil, the spot is scheduled to air multiple times on CNN across major markets in Iowa, South Carolina and California.

The Constitution Doesn’t Require Birthright Citizenship

Birthright citizenship has become a hot topic at the start of the 2016 presidential campaign. Candidates are forced to address it due to the Republican frontrunner raising it as an issue, along with other immigration-related issues.

The Handy Guide to Who’s an Immigrant and Who’s an Illegal Alien

Illegal Aliens
Illegal aliens

California Legislature Moves to Strike ‘Alien’ from Official State Language

When it comes to entitlements for illegal immigrants, the California Legislature is on an extended hot streak. Within the last couple of years, Gov. Brown has delivered to the pro-immigration lobby plum victories, including driver’s licenses for aliens and the Trust Act that essentially converted California into a sanctuary state, making horrors like Kate Steinle’s murder possible in any city.

White House Beats Congress to the Punch; Aliens Enlisting in Military

While the House of Representatives ponders two amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act that would allow illegal aliens to enroll in the military, the White House has decided not to wait for the debate’s outcome.

Illegal Aliens’ Taxes Don’t Cover their Liabilities

Illegal aliens pay lots and lots of taxes, reported the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP). Upon hearing these glad tidings, illegal alien advocacy groups rejoiced that they had a new argument to use for their cause. In truth, however, they were being too hasty. What the recent ITEP study concluded was that illegal immigrants pay a total of about $12 billion in state and local taxes per year, and that if they were granted amnesty, they would play a total of $14 billion.

MEDIA WATCH News Report Focuses on How Illegal Aliens Were Offended by Signs Supporting Legislation to End Driver’s Licenses for Lawbreakers

Legislation pending in Georgia (Senate Bill 6) would end the practice of giving driver’s licenses to DACA illegal aliens. A March 18, 2015, WSB TV News Atlanta report focused on how signs in support of this legislation offended illegal aliens and their lobbyists.

By Land and by Sea, Cubans Arriving in Record Numbers

Since President Obama announced his executive immigration action last November, critics warned of harmful short- and long-term consequences. Most of the immediate focus is on the 5 million aliens who will be rewarded for their lawless behavior with work permits, Social Security cards and welfare benefits, while citizens and legal immigrants who will have to compete with them for scarce jobs will be punished.

Vermont Wakes Up to Fraudulently Obtained State-Issued Driver’s Privilege Cards; When Will California?

The 19 terrorists complicit in the 9/11 murderous attacks on America held a total of 30 state-issued driver’s licenses which they used for identification to enroll in flight schools, rent apartments, open bank accounts and board airliners.