illegal aliens

Victims of Illegal Immigration

The failure of the federal government to enforce our nation's immigration laws impacts the lives of increasing numbers of our citizens and lawful immigrants.  This impact has many manifestations but the most egregious of these manifestations involve illegal aliens who commit crimes that result in the death or serious injury of many victims.  Each and every death or serious injury committed by an illegal alien could have been prevented if the illegal alien who perpetrated that crime had been prevented from entering our country and then remaining in our country in violation of l

Truly living in the shadows

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has embraced the case of five Florida college students suing to pay in-state tuition versus out-of-state tuition, "Children of Illegal Immigrants Sue Florida Over State’s College Tuition Policy,"

Napolitano Announces Backdoor Amnesty Will Begin "In Weeks"

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano officially kicked off the administration’s amnesty/deferred action plan she originally announced in August. With President Obama’s approval, Napolitano will drop "some" pending deportation within the next few weeks at selected sites nationwide.

Double Whammy

This week is an unusual week in that we will celebrate the achievements of hard working Americans on Labor Day and also, just six days later, remember the horrors of the terrorist attacks carried out ten years ago on September 11, 2001 that slaughtered more than 3,000 innocent victims and wrought such destruction on our nation and our way of life.

Although not many members of the political establishment or of the news media will connect the dots, immigration is an extremely important component of both of these issues.