illegal aliens

Sheriffs in DC: Border Crisis Getting ‘Worse and Worse’

On December 10, the same day that Congress wrangled unsuccessfully with its $1.1 trillion budget bill that has controversial immigration amnesty provisions, an estimated 200 sheriffs from across the U.S. protested on Capitol Hill.

Taxpayers Foot Big Bill for Alien Children’s Petting Zoo Trips, Guitar Lessons

With the Capitol Hill hullabaloo about President Obama’s executive order suspending deportations for about 5 million aliens, last summer’s Central American invasion has suddenly become a distant memory. That’s the way it is on the immigration beat. Before Americans can cool down from the last immigration law abuse, another injustice soon comes along to replace it.

Casablanca’s Captain Renault: ‘I’m Shocked, Shocked….’

In his famous scene from Casablanca, Claude Rains, playing the role of Captain Louis Renault, jokingly suggested that gambling in the local Rick’s Café nightclub astonished him. In truth, Renault is fully in the know, corrupt and on the take.

Enlisting ‘DREAMERS’ Into Our Military May Create a Nightmare

On September 25, 2014, the administration announced that it would permit aliens who participated in the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival) program, also known as DREAMERS, to enlist in the U.S. Armed Forces and provide them with expedited citizenship.

ITIN Regulations Revised: More Favorable to Aliens

Here’s an under-the-radar scandal that should get your dander up. The Internal Revenue Service recently reported that it would abolish the automatic expiration date for aliens’ Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITINs). According to previous IRS guidelines, aliens had to renew the number every five years and file a tax return in at least one of those years.

Pew Report: Illegal Immigrants Not Living in Shadows, Don’t Fear Deportation

According to the Pew Hispanic Trends Research Project, more than half of the nation’s 11 million aliens have lived in the United States for at least 13 years. I’ve translated this to mean that despite years of mainstream media tear-jerking hype about “living in the shadows” and “fearing deportation,” at least 6.5 million have settled very nicely, thank you, into everyday American life even though they entered unlawfully.

Congress Must Check Obama’s Power

In response to President Obama’s threats to proclaim a new amnesty edict, the House passed a bill to curtail such actions. Specifically it would defund the DACA amnesty, proclaimed by Obama two years ago, which granted legal status and work permits to illegal aliens in the Dream Act category. It also would ban future edicts of this type. The measure is symbolic because the Democrat-majority Senate won’t pass it.

Maryland Gov. O’Malley Predicts ‘Certain Death’ for Returned Aliens; Facts Contradict Him

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley is a long-standing immigration advocate. O’Malley, now in his second term, considers his signature on the state’s DREAM Act that rewards aliens with low-cost instate tuition his crowning achievement.

Mexico and Guatemala Agree to Subvert American Sovereignty

Countless times I’ve heard U.S. presidents refer to Mexico as America’s friend. Dating back to 1981 when President Ronald Reagan in a statement on U.S. immigration and refugee policy referred to “our Mexican friends,” presidents have repeatedly heaped praise on Mexico and its leaders.

Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You: Unaccompanied Aliens!

Texas’ Rio Grande Valley is nearly 1,500 miles from Lawrenceville, Virginia. Despite the distance, the Obama administration thought it a good idea to house some of the illegal aliens pouring across the Southwest border at Lawrenceville’s St. Paul’s College, a recently closed, historically black college.