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Let’s Start the New Year by Resolving to be Honest about Immigration

President-elect Donald Trump was the only candidate in the 2016 race for the White House to propose securing our borders and enforcing immigration laws.

Immigration Wisdom from the Philippines

President-elect Donald Trump’s immediate immigration priorities are on illegal aliens who have committed serious crimes, but the Philippines may be ahead of the U.S. immigration enforcement curve by sending the message to all Filipinos living here illegally to head home. From the Philippines Diocese of Balanga, Bishop Ruperto Santos encouraged his countrymen who might be living in the U.S.

My Tough Take on Immigration Has Been Tough on my Love Life

A Different Kind of Immigration Sob Story

My immigrant Latina wife and I had been married for just two years when we had our first big fight. It was about immigration. But it was not some theoretical debate. It was personal and painful, cutting close to the bone.

AB 20 Could Give Legal Status to More Than 500,000 Alien Farmworkers

Californians who may think that the state’s immigration crisis is as bad as it can get should hold on to their hats. The extensive alien entitlement list which includes the Trust Act that exempts most illegal aliens from deportation, AB 60 that allows illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses and SB 4 which allows illegal immigrants to access Medi-Cal is about to grow longer.

‘Illegal’ Is the Proper Word to Use

A blatantly dishonest propaganda line of open border advocates is comparing the cause of illegal aliens to the Civil Rights Movement of black Americans. Writer Sally Kohn did so recently in her article, “The ‘i-word’ is un-American.”

Look Who’s Separating Families Now!

After years of ludicrous accusations that enforcing federal immigration laws breaks up aliens’ families, Americans can now plainly see that Mexican and Central American parents are not only willing but eager to split up in exchange for the lure of permanent legal residency in the United States. Images of the recent illegal alien surge on the U.S. southwestern border show children alone or traveling with their mothers.

Illegal Immigrants and Social Security

Last week I received a direct mail missile from a group I had never encountered before called the Senior Citizens League ( Now, all of you are not quite on the senior citizen’s list yet, but soon you will be, and will depend on those well-earned social security checks that you paid into for years.

New bill seeks to deport illegal immigrants guilty of drunk driving

The Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement introduced H.R. 3808, the Scott Gardner Act, that would automatically deport illegal immigrants who are convicted of drunk driving.

Each year thousands of Americans are killed in alcohol-related accidents. In fact, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) estimates that drunk drivers get behind the wheel more than 80 times before they are arrested. They also contend someone dies every 50 minutes in drinking-related accidents.