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Choose Your Immigrants Wisely, Says Coulter

Physician, Heal Thyself: ‘Indignant’ President of Failed Nation Chastises U.S. on Immigration

President Nieto being escorted during a paradeIn a recent televised interview with Univision, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto delivered a real knee-slapper. He is “indignant” about the deportation rate of his nationals living illegally in the U.S.

Seeking Black Leadership on ‘Immigration Reform’

The 50th anniversary this past August of Martin Luther King’s “March on Washington” speech seemed a prime occasion (his birthday just passed this month was another) for the nation’s self-appointed civil rights leaders, as well as journalists and academic pundits, to express illuminating opinions on pending legislation affecting African-Americans, if there was any.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Won't Fly

Before an airplane pilot accelerates down the runway and heads for the wild blue yonder, a meticulous pre-flight check of the airplane must be performed to ensure that the airplane's systems all function properly and the aircraft is airworthy. In considering the impending flight, the pilot will also check weather conditions and any other factors that may result in a disaster.

Immigration Reform: No Flatline Yet; None Anticipated

Comprehensive immigration reform advocates greeted Sen. Patty Murray and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s joint announcement that a budget deal had been reached with unabashed joy. [“Republicans Go Vitriolic against Ryan-Murray Budget Accord,” by E.J. Dionne, Anchorage Daily News, December 11, 2013]

Senate "Bipartisan Agreement" Signals that the Battle Is On

The weekend announcement that the radical Senate “Gang of Eight” reached what it called “a bipartisan” agreement on an amnesty bill signaled that the battle is on. President Obama will be in Las Vegas on Tuesday with his own ultra-liberal version that will add fuel to the already raging immigration fires. [Senators Reach Agreement on Overhauling Immigration, Associated Press, January 28, 2013]

Amnesty No Sure Thing; Patriots Face Tough but Winnable Fight

For the patriotic immigration reform movement, these post-Obama re-election days are the darkest. Finding reasons to maintain a positive mindset is a challenge.

Two Men Indicted for Human Trafficking and Other Charges

Today when the issue of illegal immigration is raised, especially when it involves human trafficking, the discussion turns to the southwest border of the United States, the border that, at least on maps, separates the United States from Mexico.

COMPILE – Comprehensive Immigration Law Enforcement

Politicians just love the term “Comprehensive.”  It is a term that sounds as though they have thought of everything that needs to be considered and addressed those issues effectively.  It provides the illusion of “getting the job done!”

Sometimes the term comprehensive is used to create an illusion that those involved know full well offers nothing more than an illusion!