increased immigration

Job Growth Still Not Keeping Up with Population Increases

Millions more work authorized immigrants to enter 2016 labor pool.

Immigration: Supply & Demand and Rampant Greed

There is an expression that it makes no sense to bring sand to the beach. In other words, you don’t look to acquire more of a commodity when you have a surplus.

Today every politician running for office promises to help create jobs. Whether that politician is running for a minor county position or for the Presidency, the promise is the same: “If elected, I will help create jobs.”

Amazing! Brown Blinks at Alien Health Care Costs

In a departure from his well-documented illegal immigration advocacy, California Governor Jerry Brown expressed concerns about what SB 4’s final cost might be. SB 4 proposes to make illegal immigrants eligible for Medi-Cal and to apply for a federal waiver which would allow them to purchase unsubsidized health care on the state exchange.

Poll Omits Key Question: Do Americans Support Tripling Immigration?

The Pew Research Center released a poll that, according to its results, found that 50 years after the 1965 Immigration Act, Americans are “decidedly more positive” about legal immigration levels and give the law “a thumbs up.” More from the poll: “Most say either keep immigration at present levels (31 percent) or increase it (25 percent), while a minority (36 percent) says the level of legal immigration should be decreased.”