A U.S. with One Billion People ‘Would be Amazing’

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California’s Collapsing Infrastructure

Wall of Debt = $443 billion. Sacramento Doesn’t Care, Demands Sanctuary State Legislation

Lessons (Hopefully Learned) from the Oroville Dam Disaster

For decades, the California Legislature’s priorities have been horribly misguided. Year after year, Sacramento has passed legislation that encourages more illegal immigration even though schools, roads and some hospitals are crumbling. Entitlements that provide driver’s licenses, health care and education to a never-ending immigration wave cost California taxpayers billions of dollars.

Infrastructure Woes

We in the United States owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to our civil engineers for many of the things we take for granted as citizens of a developed nation:

Megabus a Step in the Right Direction for Reducing Carbon Emissions

Environmentalists have long fought for sensible mass transportation to get gas-guzzling vehicles off the highway. Efficient bus and rail service allows people to commute more efficiently and economically.

Another Sign of California Decline: Miles of Bad Road

For the past few years whenever having to venture out onto Los Angeles area roads, I return home complaining about how bad the roads are—except  for Santa Monica which seems to repave its roads even when it appears unnecessary. This week, now everyone knows how bad L.A. roads are.