For Sensible Refugee Resettlement, Look to Japan

President Obama’s lame duck present to America is his accelerated Iraqi and Syrian refugee resettlement program. Refugee vetting has been slashed from the original 18 to 24 months to three. Never mind the opinions of FBI Director James Comey and other national security experts who agree that the refugees can’t be adequately screened no matter how long the time period allocated because no database exists to crosscheck them.

Japanese Choose Sustainability over Growth

The Economist recently published a doom-and-gloom piece about Japan's shrinking population, which declined by 224,000 people last year.

Reasons to End the Diversity Visa: Let Me Count the Ways

A rarely mentioned fact in the heated immigration debate is that the United States isn’t obliged to admit any immigrants whatsoever. Nevertheless, American immigration policy is the most generous in the world, a fact for which we get little credit.