Jerry Brown

Minor Aliens to Receive Medi-Cal Coverage Starting in May

On May 1, a new California law will go into effect that will provide medical coverage to minor illegal immigrant children under age 19. As part of a Medi-Cal expansion plan included in California’s 2015 budget and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, an estimated 170,000 minors will have access to the entire spectrum of health care, including regular checkups, dental coverage and mental health treatment.

Brown Visits Mexico, Wants More Business, More People, More Traffic

Get a load of the traveling party Governor Jerry Brown took on his three-day jaunt to Mexico: more than 100 state government, business, economic development, investment and policy leaders, exactly the crowd you’d expect from a Chamber of Commerce-organized event. Also along for the ride was Mrs. Brown, and the five Mexican consular officers assigned to Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and San Jose.

If Citizenship and Law Don’t Matter, Our Country Doesn’t Either

California Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed bills approved by the State Assembly to help make California a sanctuary state for illegal aliens. One enables them to obtain driving licenses; another one helps protect them from federal law enforcement, and another even allows them to practice law if they pass the bar exam.

California Assembly Transportation Committee Hearing for AB 60: A Disgrace of Representative Democracy

On April 22 I testified in opposition to California AB 60, the state law that would grant driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

Obama’s phony climate speech titillates his base But omits the truth he won’t admit

Loyal liberal that I am – at least when I am not being denounced as a racist xenophobe by mass immigration zealots – I have been inundated in recent days with messages touting President Obama’s speech at Georgetown University on climate change.

Population Surpasses Economies of Scale

The Chamber of Commerce and trade associations often suggest that economic well-being depends on more growth.

Their stance is dangerously outdated in today’s overpopulated California. Californians can no longer afford to confuse population growth with economic growth while our government goes bankrupt.

Brown Off to D.C. to Foolishly Lobby for an Alien "Path to Citizenship"

Here’s an update on the other side’s amnesty jargon. Outdated are comprehensive immigration reform and legalization. The latest trendy phrase is “path to citizenship,” no doubt the result of market research into what resonates best among those amnesty advocates need to convince.  “Amnesty,” suggestive of forgiving criminals, offends. The softer “path to citizenship” may resonate positively with the undecided.

The Trust Act: Will Jerry Brown Have “Blood on His Hands”?

Governor Jerry Brown has until September 30 to veto or sign the Trust Act, an insultingly named bill that would allow local police officers to release aliens even if Immigration and Customs officials want them detained pursuant to Secure Communities. The Trust Act passed the Democratic controlled legislature last month. Read the CAPS homepage story about the Trust Act here.

California’s Alien Lobby Angry---Want it All, Now!

Governor Jerry Brown is the target of dueling organizations that represent aliens. One faction is pressuring Brown to sign the TRUST Act (AB 1081) and, at the same time, urging the governor to kill the driver’s license bill (AB 2189) that they claim affects many fewer people, namely “childhood arrivals” to whom the Department of Homeland Security recently granted “deferred action”

Temecula Reluctantly Bows to Gov. Jerry Brown’s Indifference to American Workers

In Temecula (CA.), a hot and heavy debate centered on E-Verify has come to a boil. Temecula is a city in Riverside County with a population of 102,000. Population growth during the past decade has increased by 57 percent. According to 2010 U.S. Census Bureau data, Riverside is 45 percent Hispanic, up from 37.6 in 2000.