July BLS Report: ‘Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative’

For skeptics of the monthly Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report, July provided plenty of fodder. Superficially, the numbers looked good, and were better than predicted: the economy added 255,000 jobs, more than Wall Street’s anticipated 180,000.

Hillary Clinton’s Immigration Goals Make Her Economic Promises Impossible to Achieve

On July 24, 2016, Hillary Clinton joined Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, her Vice-Presidential candidate for a joint interview by Scott Pelley, correspondent for the CBS News program, 60 Minutes.

CAPS Ad Urging Less Immigration Airs Tonight on CNN

Slowing Immigration Not Racist, Just ‘Common Sense’

Good June Bureau of Labor Statistics Report – Except for the Fine Print

At first blush, the June Bureau of Labor Statistics report looked decent. Last month, the economy created 287,000 jobs. But analysts’ excitement over the higher-than-anticipated total vanished immediately when the May jobs figure was revised downward from an already low 38,000 to a microscopic 11,000. The two month May-June average is a humdrum 150,000, below the 2014 and 2015 levels.

Coaching Soccer: Job Americans Won’t Do?

No one would ever guess that there’s a shortage of American soccer coaches. Millions of American boys, girls and young adults play soccer at the high school, college and amateur level and are potentially prime coaching prospects.

CAPS Kicks Off Wisconsin TV Campaign Asking House Speaker Ryan Why He Ignores Unemployed Americans, but Pushes for Work-Authorized Immigrants

Since elected to Congress in 1998, House Speaker Paul Ryan has compiled a mostly dismal immigration reduction record. Ryan, whose pro-immigration actions have become more egregious since he took over the speaker’s role, scores poorly or worse on ending unnecessary worker visas, reducing amnesty enticements, limiting refugee and asylum fraud, or promoting sensible immigration legislation that would help Americans.

Calamitous BLS Report Underlines Ongoing Employment Crisis for American Workers

I’m running out of adjectives to describe the consistently awful monthly reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For April, I’m using calamitous.

BLS reported that last month the economy created a paltry 160,000 jobs, well below the 200,000 analysts had their fingers crossed for. All the news is bad including the one item Wall Street pointed to as encouraging: wage growth.

On Jackie Robinson Day, April 15, 2016, Fewer Blacks, More Overseas Players

Tomorrrow, Jackie Robinson Day, Major League Baseball will celebrate the anniversary of the first African-American player to break the color line in 1947. As MLB Commissioners and team owners have done in past years, they publicly bemoan the diminishing number of black Americans in baseball, and vow to work overtime to restore them to their once prominent position. Today’s rosters have only a few black players who in total represent about 8 percent of all players.

Women Excluded from H-1B Bonanza

Feds are tight-lipped about shortage of female visa recipients.

Costly College Degree … Today’s Labor Market Generating Jobs that Don’t Need It

Parents of college-bound graduating high school seniors got a rude jolt recently about the value of a college diploma in the moribund U.S. jobs market. According to the Economic Policy Institute, the coveted university diploma is often not worth the paper it’s printed on.