March Bureau of Labor Statistics Report Masks Rough Economic Sailing Ahead

From the report: 215,000 new jobs, but as usual many in part-time or low-paying sectors like retail, construction and health care while better paying jobs in manufacturing and mining remained in the doldrums. The labor participation rate inched up to 63 percent but remained at near a 30-year low, while the meaningless unemployment rate also ticked up to 5 percent from last month’s 4.9 percent.

New York Joins Calif., Others in Giving Teaching Credentials to DREAMers

New York State will soon approve legislation that will allow illegal immigrants who have temporary legal status, DREAMers, to teach in public schools. The Board of Regents voted to allow deferred action for childhood arrivals to apply for state certification and teaching licenses, assuming they have met the other requirements and passed the necessary tests.

February Jobs Report Offers Mixed Bag, but Oil Industry Gets Hammered

The February Bureau of Labor Statistics report had something for the bulls, and something for the bears.

Carrier, Hertz Cut U.S. Workers; Some Jobs Going to Mexico, Others Likely to H-1Bs

February has been a bad, bad month for American workers. First came the totally dismal Bureau of Labor Statistics report which found that in January the long-struggling U.S. economy created only 155,000 jobs, most of them low-paying.

Beverly Hills Bakery Blues: Rich Immigrants Exploit Poor Immigrant Workers

Few United States cities are more sympathetic to illegal immigration than Beverly Hills. Many wealthy residents have incomes high enough to hire the nannies, gardeners and housekeepers they consider essential to their lifestyles, but who are nonetheless unlawful U.S. residents.

Damning New Challenger, Gray Report Destroys Tech Lobby ‘Shortage’ Claim

In a recent press release, Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a global consultancy firm, wrote that in 2015 the U.S. technology sector – computer, technology and telecommunications firms – announced 79,315 planned job cuts.

For American Workers, Bad TPP News Dwarfs Poor January BLS Report

Last month, as Wall Street anticipated, only 151,000 nonfarm payroll jobs were created, with 70 percent of the new jobs driven by low paying work in retail, food services and drinking places – clerks, waiters and bartenders. The January report represents a large drop from December’s much stronger jobs report, even after revised down to 262,000 from an initially reported 290,000.

Omnibus, Obama’s Work-Permits-for-All Madness Dwarf December BLS Tedium

The biggest recent economic news isn’t the December jobs report as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Americans have long ago grown used to the consistently tepid reports, and the happy-face hype that invariably accompanies them.

Senate Introduces Worker Protection Bill

Sold Out Exposes Extent of Corporate Greed, Visa Abuse

Are Mass Immigration and Mass Outsourcing Killing Less-Educated, Middle-Aged White Americans?

ImageDeath rates have been increasing for white, middle-aged Americans, according to a husband-and-wife team of economists at Princeton University.