Oreos Move to Mexico; Bad August BLS Report Worse than Anticipated

Not that I ever bought that many of them, but I’ve permanently taken Oreos off my shopping list. And I’ve told my friends with young children not to buy any of those awful Halloween Oreo Double Stuffers with the chemically infused orange filling. To no one’s surprise, the No. 1 ingredient in the Oreo is sugar.

Economists on June Bureau of Labor Statistics Report: ‘Certainly Disappointing’

While the White House boasts about the addition of 223,000 new jobs in June and the dip in the unemployment rate to 5.3 percent, some impartial economists interpret the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report (June) more critically.

Automation Will Silence the Alarmists

Immigration enthusiasts endlessly squawk – despite our high rate of unemployment – that the sky most surely will fall on the U.S. economy if we don’t keep our doors wide open to foreign workers. Skilled or unskilled, it doesn’t matter – we need them now, and for evermore.

Bureau of Labor Statistics May Report Step in Right Direction, but Dark Clouds Loom

The May Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report was more encouraging than anticipated. About 280,000 jobs were added, and some of the other supporting data also trended positive, including average wages, which increased eight cents an hour to $24.96.The most robust job growth came in business and professional services (63,000), followed closely by leisure and hospitality (57,000).

American IT Workers Suffer Setback … but the Court Case Will Continue

Spouses of H-1B visa holders will soon be eligible for employment, a benefit they understood would not be available to them once they came to the United States.

Uninspiring April BLS Report May Include ‘Phantom Jobs’

From the April Bureau of Labor Statistics report, throw out everything except this: wages increased 0.1 percent. A three-cents-an-hour wage increase for employees on nonfarm payrolls to an average $24.87 does little to raise Americans’ standard of living, especially for those working the average 34.5 hours per week.

Immigration: Supply & Demand and Rampant Greed

There is an expression that it makes no sense to bring sand to the beach. In other words, you don’t look to acquire more of a commodity when you have a surplus.

Today every politician running for office promises to help create jobs. Whether that politician is running for a minor county position or for the Presidency, the promise is the same: “If elected, I will help create jobs.”

White House Ignores Congressional Research Service Report Linking High Immigration to Lower American Wages

Although Americans are constantly lectured on the supposed fiscal advantages of evermore immigration, an important new Congressional Research Service report exposed the fallacies in that argument.

Here Comes Sawyer; There Goes Your Job!

Senator Jeff Sessions’ April 9 Washington Post op-ed provides a useful immigration history summary, and an update on the dire employment picture for Americans that unchecked immigration has victimized.

Bureau of Labor Statistics: For Unemployed Americans, a Miserable March

The last few days have been a double-barreled sock in the gut for unemployed Americans. First, on April 3, the Bureau of Labor Statistics issued its monthly jobs report.