La Raza

Who advocates for you?

President Obama has appointed Andrew Lorenz-Strait to be a "public advocate charged with listening to immigrants' concerns about it law enforcement policies."  According to and Mr.

MLK & illegal immigration

On Monday, the nation celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a visionary who placed the highest value upon the content of one's character and not the color of one's skin.  Eighty-three years after his birth, almost 43 years after his death and with the election of the first Black President in American history, we have so far to go.

Obama’s Vacation Is Over! House Leadership Promises Oversight Hearings on His Back Door Amnesty

Credit Arizona governor Jan Brewer with the best line regarding President Barack Obama’s duplicity about creating jobs.

Said Brewer: "We all thought the president had a jobs plan but didn’t realize it was for illegal aliens."