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Gilroy, Calif., Garlic Growers Get Wise to Ending Labor Shortages: Pay Workers More!

When I lived in California’s San Joaquin Valley, I made a point to attend as many of the state’s summer fairs and festivals as I could. One favorite was the Gilroy Garlic Festival traditionally held in late July. The two-hour drive from Lodi was well worth the chance to walk down Gourmet Alley and eat garlic fries or even garlic ice cream, tastier than you may think.

Rare Win for American Workers

Victories over corporations that abuse immigration law to hire cheap labor are few and far between. When they occur, as happened in August, they should be celebrated.

Open Borders Is Neither Moral Nor Practical

“Open borders” is the agenda of many mass immigration promoters. The idea is that anyone from abroad who wants to cross our border and settle in the United States should have the right to do so. But aside from zany libertarians, most of these advocates don’t explicitly endorse what they believe because they know how preposterous it sounds to most people. Sometimes they are globalists who are advancing political and economic goals at odds with the interests of most of their fellow citizens – thus the need to conceal their aims.

Why Baby Boomers Can't Give Up the Jobs They Are Holding

My post today is inspired by the elite commentary, “The Right Way to Ask Boomers to Retire / How ‘Polite’ Millennials Can Convince a Generation of Workaholics to Give Up Their Jobs,” by Mike Hais and Morley Winograd (September 29, 2014, Zocalo Public Square).

I’ve included my two comments to the article and the author response. My post then follows.


No, Thanks, I’ll Walk

Imagine my profound unhappiness when I got into a Washington D.C. taxi and was immediately barraged by a televised amnesty advertisement.

TV ads in taxis promote amnesty

Taxis are used to promote amnesty. Is there nowhere to escape immigration lobbying?