Marco Rubio

New Pew Hispanic Center Poll Shows Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Obama on Immigration

Back in 2009, U.S. Representative Joe Wilson (R-SC) gained notoriety when at a Joint Session of Congress that addressed health care he shouted at President Obama: “You’re a liar.” The audience lustily booed Wilson.

Wilson’s reference was to the President’s insistence that Obamacare would not extend medical coverage to illegal aliens.

Former Ally Goodlatte Morphs into Traitor Marco Rubio

As the old saying goes, “With friends like this, who needs enemies?” I’m referring to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) who, in what seems like ages ago, was an immigration enforcement ally. Once upon a time, the media might have labeled Goodlatte a “hardliner.”

GOP's Suicide by Immigration

Marco Rubio's Gang of Eight amnesty, if passed, will virtually guarantee the demise of the GOP as we know it, leaving true conservatives to flounder amidst the onrush of millions upon millions of so called "undocumented democrats." The nails are in the coffin, and the GOP has handed Obama the hammer.

State of the Union: Obama Gives a Tepid Amnesty Endorsement

Watching the annual State of the Union address is painful. The speeches are long winded sessions where the nation’s real problems (overpopulation, 15 percent U-6 unemployment, 46 million American living in poverty, failed schools and a $1.4 trillion deficit to name the most glaring) are ignored.

Instead the sitting presidents pat themselves on the back for their non-accomplishments and make promises they know they can’t deliver on.

Good-Bye DREAM; Hello ACHIEVE: GOP Contemplates a Partial Surrender

Florida’s Marco Rubio has floated his version of the DREAM Act for consideration by his spineless fellow Senate Republicans. Rubio’s plan, called the ACHIEVE Act, has several tiers, most of which we’ve seen tied to other proposed amnesty legislation.